I used to always be the girl who hated to run.

In high school I played basketball for a semester then quit because my coach required all players to join the track team during off-season. When it came down to it… I always hated that coach more than I hated running, so win/win situation. After I gave up the sport—in school anyway—I needed an outlet for all that teenage energy bubbling inside of me so I took to rollerblading. Back then the idea of my wheels gliding down the streets of LA was much more appealing than my kicks hitting the pavement.

At the time, I never though of blading as exercise: it was just fun. It was a reason to get out of the house and do something after school besides yearbook, or drama or any of the other activities I was involved in. The rush of going full speed down a hill at Balboa Park (in the Valley not in San Diego), trying out new tricks & grinds or discovering new parts of my neighborhood I never would be able to in a car was WAY more fun than watching TV or sitting in a stuffy classroom. I could go for miles and miles and not even realize that the sun had begun to set.

With so much fun it was easy to forget that it’s also one of the best cardio workouts a person can do. As LIVESTRONG states: “While rollerblading became popular in the 1980s, it still ranks among the highest calorie burners. A 1-hour session can burn 913 calories.”

Even though I LOVE to run now, it doesn’t hurt to switch up my routine, right? I think it might be time to bust out my old blades & take to the streets once more. I just hope the saying about riding a bike also applies to blading otherwise I might have a bruised bum in a few days.

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Waking Up & Working Out

Since I started back up on my health kick, I’ve mainly been going to the gym in the evenings after work or sometimes pretty late at night in order to tire myself out enough to be able to sleep. However, in the last week or so I’ve found myself waking up rather early [for absolutely no reason at all] and going to the gym or on a hike out of sheer boredom. At first this new habit was pretty annoying as I kind of love staying in bed, but I’ve got to admit it’s been pretty wonderful getting up before or as the sunrises and starting my day on a high-note. As I’ve said before I’m ALWAYS in a good mood after working out, on top of that I feel energized, healthier and most of all it’s out of the way. I don’t have to feel guilty about accepting the invitation of a friend for dinner or drinks since I’ve already done my daily workout. AND if I’ve had a day of gluttony, I can always go back to the gym for a quick run to get rid of that annoying guilt.

Apparently agrees with me since an email entitled Workout Wake Up Call landed in my inbox yesterday. It linked to an article which extolled the benefits of the AM workout. They pretty much were on par with why I liked my morning exercise sessions but they also listed this which I found interesting and all the more encouraging:

You Burn More Fat

According to Weight Loss For All, exercising first thing in the morning can help you burn more fat. After coming off a night without food, the glycogen levels in your muscle and liver are low. This forces your body to tap in to its fat reserves for energy. Burning more fat can put you on the road to weight loss.

I’m not going to lie, I started working out because I wanted to look good in a bikini. Let’s face it, a positive body image helps me have a healthy and happy attitude, but don’t misunderstand me—my reasoning for working out is far from just losing weight. Though it is an added benefit and was the original cause for this sudden fitness kick… I work out because it makes me feel good, stronger, less tired and most of all HEALTHY.

Yes, we’ve all dragged our feet to the gym but though I’ll often hear someone say, “I regret not going to the gym,” I never hear the opposite. So new AM workout routine. If anyone wants to workout with me or just needs a wake-up call to get that extra kick in the pants in the morning, you know how to reach me.

Let’s get motivated.

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If you’re interested in reading the full article on, you can find it here.