equaling out.

More IT work last night. I was finally able to get the laptop running on Vista to map the network drive of the desktop running on XP as well as link it to the networked printer. I still couldn’t figure out how to connect the XP directly to the shared folder of the Vista but I’ll let that slide.

Scoreboard: Vista-2, Ena-2. And I’m totally okay with that.

I didn’t get home until around 9:30pm so I was thoroughly exhausted and hungry but a glass of wine, leftovers, a hot shower and guitar practice were able to calm my nerves. I should however seriously take a step away from smoking. I was able to lessen my habit by a lot in the month of December but I’ve again grown accustomed to smoking every time I step outside. Not good at all.

I’m also a bit bummed because my laptop is busted (why Mac, why?!) so the only access I have to my email and the web when I’m at home is on my G1. Seriously, thank gulay for that thing… I’ve become so reliant on always being connected that it’s really bothersome to not be able to turn on my computer. I’m so glad I got AppleCare.

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo for years and my lovely sister, Lorelei, sent me the image below last night as a potential tat. I’m thinking of getting it on my right hip but I’ve always been hesitant to get myself inked because I think I might regret it when I’m older. What do you think?



And lastly, congratulations again to my Ading on finding a new job! Woohoo employment!!!

No love for Vista.

Seriously, I hate the dang OS. I don’t understand why it was even created.

Don’t get me wrong, I still like Windows… I grew up using a PC and only recently converted to Apple for my personal use, but I avoid Vista at all costs. Tonight I had a simple IT job for a friend of an acquaintance. It should have been an easy half hour gig: set up a new laptop to connect to a printer wirelessly through a pre-existing network & workgroup. The only problem is all the computers run on XP while the new laptop runs on Vista. No matter what patches I installed on the XP, changes I made to the firewalls on BOTH computers, network settings I looked at… the stupid computer that ran on Vista refused to detect the shared wireless printer. After two hours, I gave up. And now I have to go back on a later date to try again. Stupid, stupid Vista.

On a happier note I had an unexpected visit from Red today. I’ve never been so grateful.

Now for a glass of wine to calm my nerves, a hot shower to ease my achy joints and my comfy bed for some much needed rest.