Lightsaber Phone

Such a random day yesterday.

First I got stung by a bee. I’ve never been stung before and if I hadn’t seen the bee actually fall off my shoulder, I wouldn’t have known what it was. Everyone who’s ever told me it hurts like a mother wasn’t lying. It’s actually still throbbing now. I’m just glad I’m not allergic. I’ve always been terrified of bees mainly because I’m pretty allergic to mosquitoes and I never knew how I’d react to a sting from the black & yellow terror.

Kinda hard to see, but it looks like a bee gave me a hickey on my shoulder.

I was also abandoned at a production facility last night. I couldn’t figure out how to close the stupid huge garage sliding door thing, so for a majority of the 2-hours I was there by myself I was completely on edge—so much so, that while moving around some of the inventory I jumped at the sight of my own reflection. Honestly, I was such a little baby, it was kind of hilarious.

Creepy, right?!

And THEN my night started. First dinner at Midori, then drinks at The Local Peasant in Sherman Oaks, then more drinks at the Victorian in Santa Monica, then random after party at a friend of friend’s house whose name I never remember, though I do recall renaming him Clarence at some point. We kept it going until 5 in the morning at which point I absolutely had to call it a night… or a good morning. Whichever.

At one point during the evening I did happen to drop my phone and this morning I woke up to a lightsaber-like line going straight through the screen. I think it maybe time to buy a new phone? What do you guys think: should I try my hand at the iPhone 4 again (last time I shattered it a week after I got it) or get the Nexus S? Decisions, decisions.

One positive thing about last night was the bit of a boost my ego got. I’ve been feeling pretty crappy all week and admittedly a bit insecure which isn’t very like me, but the male attention I got throughout the night’s shenanigans definitely helped a bit. Not to say that I ever need the attention to feel good about myself… but every now and then when I’ve been feeling self-conscious and unattractive it’s nice to know I can still rock a room with my freakum dress, high heels and quick wit. Rawr.

Seeing the German playmate tonight! More drinking??? Body, can you take it?


Emails & Nanos & Covers, Oh My!

I’m trying to take a stab at my inbox today. I’ve been so inundated with work related emails lately that I haven’t had much time to reply back to my awesome friends and family who like me enough to send me personal notes. No exaggeration, I have 70+ emails I need to reply back to… some dating back to December. If you’re reading this, I promise I’m not ignoring you. I just think you each deserve a well-thought out response since you took the time in the first place to send me nice & looong emails. Sorry, loves. I’m determined to empty my inbox this week. [Hint: gChat me or send me quick little lines. Those I can reply to in a smart minute. ♥]

Also reorganizing my iTunes—another thing I’ve planned on doing for months. BUT I need to get it done since my new Nano arrived today. Yay! No more dropping my phone at the gym or on hikes. If you have any new music for me, send it my way. My cousin actually sent me a massive list of new music so I’m working on going through that though I always appreciate recommendations.

Another new goal: I was listening to Adele’s new album in the shower the other day and with every song that played all I kept thinking to myself was, I can totally play this on the guitar or I NEED to learn this on the piano. Her album is so amazing. I’ve always had a thing for guys who are musically inclined—seriously play me a song on the guitar or sing me a ditty and I SWOON inside [don’t let my casual demeanor fool you]—so if I swung that way I would totally lez out for this London songstress. My point: I’m thinking of learning every song off of her 21 album. Who wants to make music with me?! I’ll pay you in sugar plum kisses, marshmallowy hugs and melodies that make you quiver, lol.

More new goals. Who knew I’d make 2011 a year for them? So far I’ve done pretty darn well with every single one.

So much for being a good girl last night. After 30 minutes with Saramago, I was persuaded to hit up Mad Bull’s again with Ms. Abs and the birthday girl Sara. Apart from an idiotic [& slightly racist] drunkard and some mighty thirsty boys, good times all around were had. But no drinking tonight! Gym, gym, gym, gym, gym. [If I say it enough times, it’ll come true.]

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Wifey Love + Old Friends + Dream Vacations

I saw the wifey 2 days in a row. How awesome is that?

Backstory: Krystle was one of the first friends (after my roommate) that I made in university. We bonded over the fact that we were both from Southern California and that we were both constantly homesick.

Blurry, dancing wives.

We “married” each other on Facebook mainly as a joke but also because back then I was kind of guarded about letting the world know about my relationship status. It definitely made it harder for people to check up on me. I mean, though I like to control what people can find out about me over the intrawebs I’m also pretty open if you just ask me instead of trying to play detective on me. So ask away, just please don’t Facebook stalk… that’s way creepster.

Anyway, she met me at the good ol’ gym last night only to be shot down by the front desk for a free pass since it was past 10pm and the sales managers had all left for the day. It actually worked out since I decided to play hookie from the gym to go and grab a drink with the lovely lady instead. We went to Mad Bull’s in Sherman Oaks which I’ve gotta say is a pretty great sports bar. It reminds me of a bigger version of my old joint in Brooklyn. I think I might just become a regular there if the bartenders keep treating me so nice. I ended up seeing her again this afternoon since she had time to retry getting that pass at 24 Hour. She ended up signing up instead and I’m hoping to convince her to stick with it so I can have a consistent work out buddy, especially on those days that my feet feel like lead—like today.

The rest of my Wednesday was once again lax. I worked from home on a website then went to meet some old friends and the big sister for dinner in Arcadia. The drive was awful… I seriously think I will never get used to LA traffic. The city really needs to start some kind of metro system—I miss my subway cards. Still, it’s always good to seem them. One of those at dinner was Paul… another big-brother-like-friend who is also at times like the little brother I never had, haha. He’s hilarious and seems to always be the first person to comment on anything I post on the web. ;)

On a completely unrelated note, The Daily Post suggestion today was to “describe your dream vacation” which totally reminded me of something I talked about in passing: climbing a mountain. I really wasn’t kidding. My dream vacation would be to take 2 weeks off to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. I’ve done some research and this company seems the most legit. It’s kind of something I’ve wanted to do for the last 2 or 3 years and I’m thinking of saving up so I can afford to do it next year [unless stupid work gets in the way]. Just think: climb a mountain & feel amazingly accomplished then lounge about and pamper myself in a hotel room for 2 or 3 days. Heaven.

And that’s that. This girl is muy cansada. Curling into bed with Saramago tonight. <3