The Paris Metro

A stunning photo essay of the Paris metro system over at Sleepy City which includes stations you know, those abandoned that you probably have heard of but never seen and some that haven’t been accessed by the outside world in over 50 years.

Who wants to go tunnel running with me?





Back from Paris. There’s no way one entry in a blog could describe my experiences there. I met a lot of people—some mean, some nice and some quite strange but all were interesting. I walked everywhere—Bastille, Marais, le Quartiter Latin, Canal St-Martin, Belleville, Montmartre, les Invalides, St-Germain, Île de la Cité and Île Saint-Louis. I ate tons of cheese, pain au chocolat, and drank many bottles of vin rouge.

I spoke in French. Navigated the streets on my own. Met with old friends. And said some bitter-sweet goodbyes.

All I can say is that my first trip to Europe is one I will never forget. Pictures to follow.


Some changes have happened since I arrived back. I found a new job. Turned in a letter of resignation to my current office. Moved my things out from the East Village to Midtown East. My best friend just got engaged. Booked a flight to California in June. I’ve relatively begun seeing someone new who seems rather uncomplicated—a quality I’m quite excited for since complication tends to follow me everywhere.

My life is taking new direction. And I love it.

Lonely Planet & Diana+

My flight to Paris is in 7 hours and I’m nervous, excited… and a little queasy all at the same time.

Suitcase is packed (and may be a bit too heavy but here’s hoping it’s not), passport is in hand and all the loose ends at work have been taken care of. I also finally bought a travel guide during my lunch break by Lonely Planet. It’s specific to Paris so it’s not as large as some other Lonely Planet books. I also forgot my Pentax K1000 at my apartment in the East Village so I bought a Diana+ camera by Lomography at Urban Outfitters. It’s adorably cute and shoots 120 film, so I don’t feel bad about the purchase. I’ve been meaning to buy a camera similar to it and since it’s made of plastic, it’s light weight and completely manual which is exactly my style. With 6 rolls of film and my digital camera packed away safely in my suitcase I should have plenty of photos to document my trip.

I’m a bit nervous because of certain unknown situations as well as the fact that this is the least prepared I’ve ever been for a trip. I really haven’t planned a single thing other than Sunday brunch with friends. Craziness! But I guess for once in my life I can go somewhere without an itemized schedule.

Bon ! À la prochaine, mes amis. Je vais revenir avec beacoup du photos pour toi. Tu me manqueras !