interesting relatives.

I’ve always known that my family has stories of interest, especially those related to the individual but I didn’t know just how interesting they could get until I had a one-on-one conversation with my Tita Marie.

Due to a family emergency I’m staying at her place to look after her dog (who’s like a child to her) during the time that she’ll be in Los Angeles. She told me stories of Studio 54, Gates—Mister Intel himself, baseball players, the 80s, the 90s… to put it mildly, she has had a very interesting life.

I’ve been worrying over the last few days about what I’ll do once my roommate and I go our separate ways—which will either be in May or June. Tita Marie has solved all my worries (which to some degree are unnecessary, but I’ve always been a worrier) by inviting me to stay with her for as long as I want until I can find a place that suits my needs and of course to save some money as well. And because I never want to receive anything for free, I’m going to pay for a storage unit in her building for some of my things as well as some of hers and also agreed to cook her dinner at least 2 times a week (but since I like to cook, this really is exciting for me) and accompany her to the gym at least 3 times a week (again, another plus… not a negative).

So I’m set. I can stop stressing over my living situation until I feel financially comfortable to do so.

I love my family. I don’t know what I would do without them.

Super Bowl Sunday & Mickey D's.

This year’s Super Bowl was a bit weird since I’m so used to attending a BBQ or something in the afternoon, but here in New York, Super Bowl didn’t start until 6pm. Still, many fun times were had at the potluck at my cousins’ place in Brooklyn.

I made lumpia and walnut brownies with vanilla frosting though it seems there was no need since there was SO much food at the party—pizza, dip, ice cream cake, tiramisu, mac&cheese, BBQ wings and lots of beer and wine… but the most intense amount of food was the 81 McDonald’s cheeseburgers brought by a few of Kuya Jay’s and Kuya Jeff’s friends. Yes. Eighty-freaking-one.


It was insane. It got to the point that people were so incredibly full and there was still so much food left that Ryan started putting the burgers in people’s coat pockets (most of our coats were in Kuya Jeff’s room) in hopes of getting rid of some of them.

Still by the end of the party there were at least 40 burgers left and an ice cream cake, both of which I took with me and handed out to different homeless people on the street. It’s nice to know that our excessive amount of gluttony benefited some people tonight.

All in all a thoroughly enjoyable evening… and even a fulfilling one with the knowledge that there are some people tonight that are no longer hungry thanks to the remnants of a football party.

Before I end this note, I have to say… I freaking hate the Steelers. And I more-so hate the officials that seemed incredibly biased towards the Cardinals. So many bad calls. I still love you Fitzgerald.

Maintenant, je suis fatiguée. Bonne nuit mes amis !

âmes sœurs

My weekend was marvelous.


I spent Saturday watching movies with two of my favorite cousins, Kuya Jay & Kuya Jeff. I finally watched Snatch (it’s amazing that I’ve never seen that movie until now), which more than lived up to my expectations. I also watched Wall-E for the first time and I have to admit there were times during the film that I held back tears—who would have thought a love story between two robots that say almost nothing would be that touching?

After a day of lounging on my cousins’ couch eating burgers and watching films, we headed out to pre-celebrate Kuya Jeff’s 30th birthday. photobooth-kuyasWe decided to take a photo booth picture (btw, worse photo booth ever. What ever happened to quality photo booths of the good ol’ days?) of just the cousins once we were a little less than sober. Ridiculousness ensued.

Unfortunately for me, I ended up drinking far too much and had to end the night relatively early with Kuya Jeff and Trisha walking me home (labs ♥).


Yesterday night was Kuya Jeff’s actual 30th birthday dinner party at Satsku (weird Japanese restaurant that didn’t seem to serve any real Japanese food… Kuya Jay and I ended up sneaking away for a bit and getting sandwiches at a deli down the street). Much fun was had and I saw a lot of people I haven’t seen since the new year.

Oh, and I learned some vulgar phrases in French! One apparently is pretty common and the other is supposedly so bad, I shouldn’t even say it (but I probably will eventually, haha).

Even though it was a Monday, I figured my cousin only turns 30 once so I had a few drinks and enjoyed myself. I was, however, able to hold my own this time around and ended up putting my two (definitely less than sober) cousins in a cab before walking myself home. All in all a very fun evening.


On an unrelated note, I received the sweetest package in the mail yesterday. A book written in French entitled âmes sœurs (soulmates or kindred spirits). It’s going to take me forever to read it… but I started on the first few pages at lunch today and it’s seems like a book I’ll like. I’m looking forward to finishing The Idiot so I can start on âmes sœurs.


Actually I have many things to look forward to… if only 2 weeks could fly by faster. ♥

my new love.

My fingers are sore from practicing for the last hour so I’m taking this opportunity to update and give my poor left hand a break.


Today in the mail I received a belated, but oh-so-lovely Christmas present from my parents and it’s put me in a rather ecstatic mood. When I was home for the holidays my parents (mainly my dad) overheard me wanting to pick up the guitar and they both encouraged me to make a go of it, so I asked if they could send my dad’s old (and rather beat up) acoustic to me but instead they bought me a new one! It’s not an amazing guitar, but it’s good for a beginner like me and I absolutely love it. I even cut my finger nails short on my left hand making it look even more boyish than it already did.

Have I ever said before what amazing parents I have? And people wonder why I’m spoiled…



My weekend in LA was a blast. Filipino food, family, friends, norebang, soju, guitar hero, saddleranch, jeri’s deli, telly’s, weird old men, mk vs dc, mad gab, babies, presents, lights, and bang bangin’. I didn’t manage to capture it all on camera… but here are a few moments that happened to get caught in front of my lens—

More photos on my flickr page.

christmas eve, eve.

Due to flight delays and bad winds I didn’t get into LA until midnight. I thought for sure that the party would have broken up by then with my extended family leaving for their prospective homes…

But when I got to my parents’ house at 12:20 (thanks to Sam’s crazy driving skills) everyone was still there! So even though I was super late, I was still able to spend at least some time with my lovely and hilarious cousins, aunts and uncles.

Also, the delay in my flight was quite bittersweet as it gave me more time to say goodbye to a dear friend yet less time with the fam bam.

Still… I felt really cared for today. And special. I really am quite the lucky girl.

This entry needs to be short since I left my laptop in NY and I’m doing this update on my phone. Not to mention the fact that it’s 4am in LA which translates to 7am in NY. I think it’s time for bed, don’t you?

Bonne nuit!

I wish I had a porc-épic in California.

all smiles.

I laughed out loud when I saw this—


I also had a very happy surprise this morning. Unexpected visits from dear friends always put a big ol’ cheeser on my face.

I’m going home in a little over a day. I’m really excited and I haven’t even packed yet! Christmas this year is going to be at my parents’ house so even though I’m going to be a bit late, at least I won’t be nearly as late as I would have been had the party been in Canyon Country. Sam’s picking me up so that Ate Lorie won’t have to leave the festivities and get lost on the way to the airport (just kidding, Ate! ♥). I also get to see James, Ang, Wilmar and Jono at some point during the week.

Food, family & friends and a house decorated in lights… who could ask for more?