Post a Day 2011

I love challenges.

WordPress is experimenting with a new site called The Daily Post to give professional, amateur and casual writers a-like a bit of motivation to write more and more and more. I’m definitely in the third class of blog writing but it’s always fun to test my ability to stick with something.

So far this year I’ve had three goals:

[one] STOP SMOKING—even socially. I always promised myself I would stop at 25. It’s time to do the cold turkey route and stop back tracking. I once stopped for a year a half, but stress and life and drama caught up with me and I used smoking as a means to distract me from my real problems. But no more excuses, I have to stop… J’arrête! Pára! Halt! Pare! ¡Alto! [I somehow remembered how to say “stop” in six languages. Can you guys add any to my list?] It’s been 9 days and I’m smoke free. Yippee!

[two] Try to keep my word of the year in mind: Positivity. I’ve always been a rather sarcastic person but relatively drama and judgement free but since moving back to good old Los Angeles, I’ve found I’ve become quick to question people’s intentions. So, in hopes that I do not become yet another one of the jaded souls in the film industry I’m going to try and stick with some positive thought. Here’s hoping.

[three] Practice playing the guitar every single day. I did not take any music lessons growing up and while that is regrettable it’s definitely not an excuse to not try and learn now. I’m not attempting to be a musician. I love music because while it’s hard for some people to understand how I’m feeling at any given moment Billie, Harrison, Lennon, McCartney, Starr, Michael, Aaliyah, Ellington, Costello, Thomm and the other ever present loves of my life always will. So as long as music remains a huge part of my life, it would be absolutely wonderful to be able to accompany myself without cringing because of stupid errors.

And now [four] posting daily.

I just have to hope you guys won’t get sick of me.


she talks creative.

I’m trying to create a bit of separation between my personal ideas and the visual, literary and musical items I like to share with you readers, hence a new tumblr focused solely on all things creative and cultural—

she talks creative.

read it. see it. follow it.

Bye for now, kiddos. <3


The weather outside is frightful… & unfortunately I’ve no fire that’s delightful. Boo.

Office closed early today due to the storm that’s raged throughout the city so I spent the last few hours of sunlight cocooned in my room, wrapped in a blanket with the heater on full blast. I’ve a bit of fever so I was honestly quite grateful for the half-day since my body refused to keep pace with the tasks I wanted to complete, but it’s no matter, there’s always catch-up tomorrow.

To go along with my physical illness, I’ve also caught a bit of homesickness (surprise, surprise). I’m sure it’ll pass in a few days as it always does, but I sincerely miss the ability to hop into my car, drive the 3-hours rain or shine to my parents for a weekend of full-on pamilya warmth. This also might be a reaction to the photos my lovely sister posted the other day from the mini-family reunion we had in Virginia which celebrated the 50th wedding anniversary of my great-aunt & great uncle.

Cliché as it may sound, I really do believe in the power of love (even if I cringe whilst saying so). Seeing Auntie Nani & Uncle Thomas after so many years of laughter, tears, joys & sorrows shared together made this slightly cynical, once-betrayed, closet-romantic’s heart open up a little to the possibility of finding love like that for myself.

Ha! Who knew a snowday could make so sentimental?

& since I’m on a roll with this emotional disposition… another sad love song.

salamat, b. namimis kita.


Well look at that… it’s another new year and I still can’t process the fact that I’m almost half way to fifty. Looking back on my mindset when I was 10-years-old, I had imagined by now that there would be flying cars and robots catering to my every need. Thinking about it, nothing that drastic has changed. I’m still treated as the baby of the family (a title I don’t think will ever go away, nor would I want it to), my lucky b is still there though possibly a bit bigger, I still listen to my ninedeez slow jams, and I’m still a total geek. I mean, sure I graduated from college, moved to New York, am now an aunt to two adorable & intelligent boys… but at the core of me I’m still the same shy, awkward and curious girl I was back then.

The only major difference is that in the time from ten to twenty (plus four), I’ve learned a few bad habits and admittedly spend way too much of my limited time on this earth focusing on insipid endeavors. So here’s to the new year (despite my belated greetings). I want this start of a new decade to be imaginative, adventurous and inspiring and I’m determined not to be let down.

First things first… though I love this song, I think it’s time to let go of the sad & pitying tunes. Still, it hit the spot at a time I needed it most.


I started to teach myself guitar earlier this year and though I haven’t progressed very quickly, I can now [somewhat] carry a tune on the guitar without messing up too badly. I’m still pretty awful, but it’s a great sense of accomplishment to be able to accompany myself while singing. I know I’ve done so on the piano in the past, but I’ve wanted to be able to play the guitar for so long, it’s nice that I now finally have the time to sit down and strum those strings.

I know this song isn’t exactly new, but it makes me smile.

boy crazy.

I’ve been so boy crazy lately and I have no idea why.

And recently I’ve been obsessed with this guy on youtube. I mean, let’s look at the points of interest: he’s cute, talented and that side smile is just too charming for words. I’ll admit it, I totally have my first youtube crush.

But to be frank, what girl wouldn’t want a cute, talented singer to sweep her off her feet? I seriously need to find myself a musician and date him, stat.

Speaking of boys… I hung out with a writer from Washington last night. Nice, funny and interesting. Possible new guy friend? …we’ll see how that goes.

my new love.

My fingers are sore from practicing for the last hour so I’m taking this opportunity to update and give my poor left hand a break.


Today in the mail I received a belated, but oh-so-lovely Christmas present from my parents and it’s put me in a rather ecstatic mood. When I was home for the holidays my parents (mainly my dad) overheard me wanting to pick up the guitar and they both encouraged me to make a go of it, so I asked if they could send my dad’s old (and rather beat up) acoustic to me but instead they bought me a new one! It’s not an amazing guitar, but it’s good for a beginner like me and I absolutely love it. I even cut my finger nails short on my left hand making it look even more boyish than it already did.

Have I ever said before what amazing parents I have? And people wonder why I’m spoiled…