my new love.

My fingers are sore from practicing for the last hour so I’m taking this opportunity to update and give my poor left hand a break.


Today in the mail I received a belated, but oh-so-lovely Christmas present from my parents and it’s put me in a rather ecstatic mood. When I was home for the holidays my parents (mainly my dad) overheard me wanting to pick up the guitar and they both encouraged me to make a go of it, so I asked if they could send my dad’s old (and rather beat up) acoustic to me but instead they bought me a new one! It’s not an amazing guitar, but it’s good for a beginner like me and I absolutely love it. I even cut my finger nails short on my left hand making it look even more boyish than it already did.

Have I ever said before what amazing parents I have? And people wonder why I’m spoiled…


a heavy heart.

I am homesick.

Terribly so. And looking at pictures from Thanksgiving makes me feel all the more like jumping on a plane this second and flying home.


I really thought I would feel better after a few days and yet here I am 3 days later tired, moody and tearing up nearly every hour. It’s rather pathetic actually. I must admit there are other things that are a bit frustrating… but I think they only frustrate me more because I miss my family so much. Maybe if I could stop my mind from running a million miles a minute, I can get some sleep and feel a little better.

Anyway… peek-shares! (get it!? no? oh ok.)


© Lorelei Conover Photography


Love love love. I love my family.

Procrastination Nation.

1.5 days & counting until I fly to lovely smoggy Los Angeles [not that New York is any better].

I can’t wait to go home to see my family & friends. It’ll be really great to have late night talks with my sisters, joy rides in the early hours of the morning with Abs, lunch with friends, dinner with the family, playing with my nephews… hearing all the hubbub in the mornings at the Suarez-Aquino household.

I’m so excited I can barely get anything done at the office. I keep chatting with friends and walking around if only to get away from my computer.

Ah, home home home. There’s nothing like it.

I ♥ my fam bam. 


I have the best family in the world. I know everyone says that, but really I don’t think I could be more proud to be able to define myself as Lorie’s and Mark’s sister, Christopher’s sister-in-law, Abs’ and Franz’s Ate, Tita Lyn’s and Tito Benz’s niece, Tita Enoy’s goddaughter, James and Logan’s Tita, and Ojie’s and Liz’s daughter.

I won’t go into anymore detail, because there are no words to describe how much I love them… but I just needed to share.

not your average fable.

Good day. Spent most of my Saturday walking around the city with Kuya Jay, his friends and Lara. Apart from a bit of bad attitude & a generally awful disposition—to which I still can’t find a reason for why I was seemingly disliked so much—I ended up doing a lot of stuff today and having a great time as well.

Started the day off with a super huge breakfast quesadilla that I whipped up myself after I realized that Lara wouldn’t be waking up as early as I did. Eggs, bacon, tomatoes and monterey jack cheese equals deliciousness. Once Lara was up and about we decided to go to Café Orlins for breakfast (I just got coffee and orange juice). I bumped into my co-worker Doug as usual (we both go there every Saturday), drank my yummy americano and orange juice then headed to Kmart for a much needed Swiffer Wet Jet. I’m totally gonna bust out this bad boy tomorrow. My floors will sparkle dammit!

I met up with Kuya Jay around 1pm, and we walked around a lot, ran into zombies in Union Square, and spent almost an hour in Paragon Sports. After, we decided to check out the Banksy exhibit in Greenwich Village. Lara met up with us and I have to say, The Village Pet Store & Charcoal Grill totally exceeded my expectations. Some of it was funny, others cool and a lot of it was more than a little unnerving. If you have a chance, I highly recommend seeing it. It’s at 89 7th Ave S, between W 4th and Bleeker. My favorite was definitely the monkey:

After Banksy, we headed to Fat Cat for a couple rounds of ping pong, foosball and chess. Then we headed to SoHo where I bought this awesome purse from Volcom:

Lara and I ended our night at our usual Pho place. It was yummy and just what I needed since it was so cold today.

I’ve also spent the last 2 hours debating on whether or not to buy Fable. Fable 2 is coming out in a few days but it’s only being released on Xbox 360 and since I don’t own one … I think I’ll just stick to the original game for now. What makes me mad though is that the Mac version is $49.95 while the Windows version is only $19.99. What I’m thinking about doing is buying the Leopard OS (I know … I should have upgraded long ago) since I’ve been meaning to do so for a while now, and then run Bootcamp and just play the Windows version that way. Then again, I kind of don’t want to do that since I’m waiting for the Snow Leopard OS to come out since I’ll only have to wait about one more year… Gah. I want this game now. Maybe I’ll just say screw it and buy the freaking Apple version.

Non-existent Hangover.

I keep waiting for it to happen. A heavy-night of drinking, followed by an early morning—I expect one and yet it never happens.

I will rue the day I wake up with a hangover. Everybody talks about how awful it feels and so now at 23, having never experienced one, I’m kind of hoping I never have to deal with it. I mean, it’s enough that my body never allows me to sleep past 8am if I’ve had a lot to drink (why body, why?!)—it would be nice if I can avoid the headache of a hangover forever… but maybe that’s asking for too much. Haha.

Last night was fun though (for the most part). I started off the night at 6pm with some coworkers at a happy hour. We went to our regular karaoke haunt which was empty as usual. It’s always nice to go there because (at least until 8pm) there are very few people in the bar that we have to split karaoke time with.

Oh, and I was so stupid to not have anything to eat last night. I was supposed to have dinner with my cousins, but they decided to stay in Brooklyn for din din so I decided to just wait until they came into the city to see them. Unfortunately, my alcohol consumption made me forget the lack of food in my belly (another reason why I was so abnormally blasted last night) and if it wasn’t for Elaine (co-worker) forcing me to eat a few bites off her plate (thank you!), I probably would have past out drunk on the street… not very classy, right? Haha.

I met up with my cousins around 10ish. I think… who knows at this point? They were their usual lovable selves. I honestly can’t remember if I said or did anything embarrassing in front of their friends. I really hope I didn’t, haha. They did save me though from an uncomfortable situation. It’s so nice to have Kuyas. And girl friends who have my back. But seriously, my Kuyas make me feel like this city isn’t such a big and scary place. It’s funny that I grew up not really knowing anything about them… and now I’m just thankful for having them in my life. They are some of the last decent guys on the planet and I’m happy to be related to them.

& now I kind of wish that I was waking up early from a Wilhouse party and waiting for everyone else to wake up so we could go and get pho. I miss Mira Mesa pho. I miss Wilbear and Ading and Ading’s Best Friend and Lon Bon and the Charlies and everyone that made San Diego feel like home.

I miss home… so sappy this morning, huh? Haha…

Now I just have to wait for my roommate to wake up and convince her to go and get breakfast with me.