engagement & a weekend trip.

Busy weekend filled with computers, food, friends, [a bit of frustration], warm weather, the regular weekend chores, necessary errands and most of all the engagement between my childhood best friend and the love of her life.

While we were growing up, there were always four of us: Angela, her twin Jamie, Honeylette (my friend since kindergarten) and me. Angela and I were the most standoffish when it came to the male species so we had always assumed that Honeylette would get married first, then Jamie, then me and last of all Angela. Now the crazy girl has up and gotten herself engaged and I couldn’t be happier for her. I can’t wait to see her dressed in her white gown. (My bet is that Jamie will be soon to follow… but that’s a story for another post).

So congratulations to Angela and Paul. I know you guys will make a happy and wonderful life together. Love you, Ang. ♥

In unrelated news, I’m going to Montréal this weekend! Very excited. I’m supposed to be going to Québec as well, but the plans are a bit muddled right now so I’m just going to roll with the punches. Regardless of how the plans of the trip turn out, it should be fun and interesting—I’ve never been to Canada before and as most of you know, I love an adventure, so whether I go alone or with a friend I know it will be amazing. Besides, I get to see Ale! That, in and of itself, will make the trip worthwhile… and who knows, I might be able to practice my French without people laughing at me (since I’ll probably be laughing at myself already).

Speaking of French, I’m almost done with my book (not to say that I’m suddenly fluent… I actually think I get worse by the day, haha). I give it another 2 weeks before I’ll have utilized all the book has to offer and then I’m moving on to Italian. Ciao! Come stai? Haha… but we’ll see how I progress with that later. For now—

Je vais à Québec cette semaine ! J’ai une amie américaine qui est actuellement de Montréal. Je suis très excité que je peux la voir! J’espère que je peux parler en français beaucoup au Canada (mais je ne vais pas parler bien).

Alors, je dois travailler maintenant. Au revoir !

Ram, bam, body slam!

I saw the film The Wrestler last night with the college boys and though I’m pretty sure he never actually said ‘Ram, bam, body slam’ I think he should have. The film was quite good, albeit sad, and it really made me feel for the character. I spent about 99% of the film feeling sorry for Randy and wondering how someone’s life could become so seemingly hopeless. Chris made a rather interesting point (which I still think he stole from a film blog) that the only thing ‘real’ in Randy’s life is the essentially fake world of wrestling… which for me just makes the entire film that much more depressing.

After we left the cinema, we stopped by d.b.a. for one quick drink to numb Steve’s injured foot before trying to make our way to Pianos. Unfortunately we couldn’t find it, so we ended up at Arlene’s Grocery, a bar I’ve never been to before. We had a few drinks and I ended up mimicking the bartender who was primping herself in a mirror right next to our table and sequentially getting caught by said bartender mid-mimic. I felt kind of bad though it was all in good fun, but the boys wanted food so we headed over to Crif Dogs for some taters & yummy sausages. After getting our fill of deliciousness, we went to McSwirleys—an Irish pub that’s existed since the Civil War—to have a few rounds (if you’ve never been, go… the beer is amazing and the history of the place is quite interesting) before going and getting pizza since the boys were hungry again. We ended the night of bar hopping at St. Mark’s Ale House, one of my frequent haunts.

I ended up going back to Brooklyn with the boys to watch Baby Momma at their place before falling a sleep at 6am, curled up in a sleeping bag on the very, very hard wood floor. As usual, I woke up at 8:30am with everyone still sleeping soundly, so I wrote a note, grabbed my things and took the first subway to my wonderful little apartment in Manhattan.

Seriously, my bed never looked so lovely.

Now for a day of studying French, resting up and trying not to miss certain people too much.


My weekend in LA was a blast. Filipino food, family, friends, norebang, soju, guitar hero, saddleranch, jeri’s deli, telly’s, weird old men, mk vs dc, mad gab, babies, presents, lights, and bang bangin’. I didn’t manage to capture it all on camera… but here are a few moments that happened to get caught in front of my lens—

More photos on my flickr page.

christmas eve, eve.

Due to flight delays and bad winds I didn’t get into LA until midnight. I thought for sure that the party would have broken up by then with my extended family leaving for their prospective homes…

But when I got to my parents’ house at 12:20 (thanks to Sam’s crazy driving skills) everyone was still there! So even though I was super late, I was still able to spend at least some time with my lovely and hilarious cousins, aunts and uncles.

Also, the delay in my flight was quite bittersweet as it gave me more time to say goodbye to a dear friend yet less time with the fam bam.

Still… I felt really cared for today. And special. I really am quite the lucky girl.

This entry needs to be short since I left my laptop in NY and I’m doing this update on my phone. Not to mention the fact that it’s 4am in LA which translates to 7am in NY. I think it’s time for bed, don’t you?

Bonne nuit!

I wish I had a porc-épic in California.

all smiles.

I laughed out loud when I saw this—


I also had a very happy surprise this morning. Unexpected visits from dear friends always put a big ol’ cheeser on my face.

I’m going home in a little over a day. I’m really excited and I haven’t even packed yet! Christmas this year is going to be at my parents’ house so even though I’m going to be a bit late, at least I won’t be nearly as late as I would have been had the party been in Canyon Country. Sam’s picking me up so that Ate Lorie won’t have to leave the festivities and get lost on the way to the airport (just kidding, Ate! ♥). I also get to see James, Ang, Wilmar and Jono at some point during the week.

Food, family & friends and a house decorated in lights… who could ask for more?

bon anniversaire!

Happy 21st Birthday to one of my dearest friends.

Lara’s one of the few people in my life who could possibly put up with me in such a teeny-tiny space for long periods of time.

She’s small but feisty and is always there to tell me when I’m being taken advantage of & lends an ear whenever I need to whine and complain about my day. Her addiction to all things cute & tasty makes me love her that much more.

Thanks for being my roomie & I hope you have the BEST birthday ever.

I wanted to say Happy Birthday in Vietnamese, but I found so many different variations that I decided to play it safe and go with French. ♥

Waiting for my hunger to come.

I stayed home today because I didn’t sleep at all last night and therefore was completely delirious and non-sensical this morning. And since I was feeling so craptastic, I didn’t have an appetite all day and therefore ate nothing.

For this fantastic evening, after spending the afternoon sleeping and cleaning (to fight away the boredom that rapidly approaches whenever I’m indoors for most of the day), I cooked a lovely tinola sa gata din din in hopes that Filipino food would make me want to eat—unfortunately, it hasn’t. So now I literally am ‘waiting for hunger to come’. Haha.

I met two of Lara’s cousins yesterday—both were nice, hilarious and fun. We spent most of the day walking around and even stopped by two flea markets. I bought a camera at the first market and almost bought a Poloroid Land Camera Model 250, since I’ve wanted one ever since I saw it an episode of Scrubs but… the guy wouldn’t go any lower than $25 and I wanted it for $15.

But the camera I did buy for a cool $9 is a 1922 Eastman Kodak Brownie No. 2 Folding Cartridge Premo camera (the one pictured to the left). I have to tweak it a bit, but I think it was a good purchase. The only thing I noticed missing was the handle on the side that says ‘Brownie’, but honestly, as long as it works, I’m happy.

Oh and in my sleep deprived stupor last night … I ended up buying Fable (the Mac version). At least I have something to look forward to this week. Oh oh, and the Tmobile G1. Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday. So excited!

Hokay, I think I’m finally getting a teensy bit hungry. Better eat now before it goes away again.