Lightsaber Phone

Such a random day yesterday.

First I got stung by a bee. I’ve never been stung before and if I hadn’t seen the bee actually fall off my shoulder, I wouldn’t have known what it was. Everyone who’s ever told me it hurts like a mother wasn’t lying. It’s actually still throbbing now. I’m just glad I’m not allergic. I’ve always been terrified of bees mainly because I’m pretty allergic to mosquitoes and I never knew how I’d react to a sting from the black & yellow terror.

Kinda hard to see, but it looks like a bee gave me a hickey on my shoulder.

I was also abandoned at a production facility last night. I couldn’t figure out how to close the stupid huge garage sliding door thing, so for a majority of the 2-hours I was there by myself I was completely on edge—so much so, that while moving around some of the inventory I jumped at the sight of my own reflection. Honestly, I was such a little baby, it was kind of hilarious.

Creepy, right?!

And THEN my night started. First dinner at Midori, then drinks at The Local Peasant in Sherman Oaks, then more drinks at the Victorian in Santa Monica, then random after party at a friend of friend’s house whose name I never remember, though I do recall renaming him Clarence at some point. We kept it going until 5 in the morning at which point I absolutely had to call it a night… or a good morning. Whichever.

At one point during the evening I did happen to drop my phone and this morning I woke up to a lightsaber-like line going straight through the screen. I think it maybe time to buy a new phone? What do you guys think: should I try my hand at the iPhone 4 again (last time I shattered it a week after I got it) or get the Nexus S? Decisions, decisions.

One positive thing about last night was the bit of a boost my ego got. I’ve been feeling pretty crappy all week and admittedly a bit insecure which isn’t very like me, but the male attention I got throughout the night’s shenanigans definitely helped a bit. Not to say that I ever need the attention to feel good about myself… but every now and then when I’ve been feeling self-conscious and unattractive it’s nice to know I can still rock a room with my freakum dress, high heels and quick wit. Rawr.

Seeing the German playmate tonight! More drinking??? Body, can you take it?


friends, phones & rooftops.

What a fantastic and interesting weekend.

First off, I got the new iPhone. The last activity my outdated (but much loved) g1 performed was to photograph the shiny & skinny iPhone 4. What a regrettable, yet entirely suitable, ending—

This of course led to a weekend filled with the same position in various locations—head down, eyes focused, with the occasional “huh” when I realized someone was trying to speak to me. It’s a pretty nice phone considering I didn’t have to spend a dime on it [thank you, new job] although it is true what everyone’s saying about dropped calls and lost signals when you hold the phone in a certain position. The irony of this has not been lost on anyone but I still feel inclined to put in my two cents.

Though the design is beautiful why on earth would you create a phone that does everything it’s supposed to as long as you don’t hold it? Better yet, why create one of the most commonly thrown around objects that is most likely going to be used, held and abused on a daily basis out of glass ON BOTH SIDES. I guess aesthetic quality is more important than practicality. But, like I said, not one cent of my own money went into this purchase, so I guess I can’t complain. I do have a shiny purple cover to protect my new little toy so as long as I’m not as clumsy as I usually am I’m guessing the phone will survive a good… year? 6 months? a week? I’ve already dropped it once (thank gulay for the cover) so I’m going to have to be extra, extra careful.

Also on my weekend’s agenda was the wonderful time I spent with my old friend Jono who was in town for the week before jetting off to China to film a documentary [oh the life he leads]. I hadn’t seen him in over 5 years, so it was quite the treat. There was too much done in too few days to really & truly give it credit through words but suffice it to say that there was drinking, dancing, roof top mischief, waiting for the sun to rise, singing, poetry, storytelling and a LOT of catching up. It’s interesting to think that I can spend one thousand, eight hundred, twenty-six days and counting without seeing this crazy, artistic and amazing fellow living on the opposite coast, but within a few seconds of seeing him and getting over that initial shock of oh wowza, we’re actually standing face to face, it’s like no time has passed at all. I actually LOVE when that happens.


I also got to see my lovely ex-roomie, Lara for some dinner, drinks and a little bit of a life catch-up session. She is pretty much the sole reason I moved to New York in the first place, so it’s always great to get a sit down with this crazy, busy and tough little Asian lady.

And now that my weekend of dancing, galavanting and singing throughout the streets of New York and Brooklyn is over, I have to give a great big MALIGAYANG BATI to my wonderful and talented sister, Lorelei. She’s the best friend, cousin, daughter, wife and mother anyone could ever ask for. Mahal na mahal at namimis kita, Ate!

Happy Monday, everyone. ♥