She Calls Me ‘Gazelle’

Since I started on this whole fitness kick my sister has taken to calling me Gazelle. Every time she says it, all I can see [& hear] in my head is Prince Edward, hand-bite & all, except he’s saying my newest nickname instead of Jih-ZELLE!!! I know that’s not how you spell it, but it’s certainly how he says it:

Well… I definitely think it would be nice if someone looked at me & thought gazelle instead of rhino which at one point during the course of our relationship my ex definitely took to calling me on the regular [jokingly of course, but it certainly didn’t do much for the self-esteem].

In any case, she called me that again tonight because I had posted on Facebook that I had run 6 miles today [Jess, I’m ready for that half-marathon relay!]. Though I am proud of myself, I really only did it because I felt so bad about not going to the gym for 3 days in a row. Now… I get that some people think I’m obsessing but I’d like to think of it instead as sticking to my goals.

It’s always been a part of my personality to never half-ass anything, ESPECIALLY if I’ve set a goal for myself. In those instances I’m very black and white about things. I’m the same way in any other aspect of my life—relationships, work, hobbies—it’s just that in this instance it’s getting fit. Don’t think I’m crazy. I’m not trying to get down to a size 2 or anything like that. That would just be completely unnatural for my body type. I don’t even really have a number goal either… all I want is to be longer and leaner and to eventually climb a mountain. Is that so bad? No, I don’t think so.

I do promise that when I do a heavy work out—like tonight since I did full weights on my arms, legs, back and abs after my cardio—I take it easy the next day because I do realize that my body needs time to heal. I promise I’m not on some crazy diet or am pushing my body to extremes, though I am pushing it as far as it can go. Honestly, I think if everyone just listened to their bodies it would be easy to eat right and stay active. I still indulge every now and then. Everyone has to satiate their cravings at some point but it’s ALL about balance. Like balancing a few lazy days with a good work out.

My day for the most part before the gym was rather lax. Went to work, had a meeting then spent the rest of the afternoon lazying about at the beach, playing in the sun & sand and at one point doing the wheelbarrow with my cousin, Abs. Guess who made me the wheel?

Anyway, yay me [again]! I’m happy for myself. Next time you see me, give me a hug and tell me I’m pretty. It’ll make me feel super duper nice and make me love you long time. Lol.. <3