Makeover City

Since moving back to LA, I’ve slowly begun retooling my life: less partying, no smoking, more reading, more exploring, more movement, more music, more of everything good in life.

I figure along with the new year and the new life, I might as well have a new look. Hope you like the facelift, blog-o-mine. I think you’re looking pretty spiffy. <3

Now I'm off to the gym. I'm ridiculously sore and I'm hoping a spell in the dry sauna and a quick mile will make me feel better. Also hoping that it's less crowded today; Man Thong, Dark Chocolate & Roids are starting to get on my last nerve.

Be back later for my daily post. Topic today is what I would do if I only had one-hour left to live. Spoiler: it would definitely at one point include a bed.

Callback: New York

My amazingly talented sister Lorelei Conover posted a lovely album of New York from my birthday weekend.

I almost cried while looking through these photos of my old neighborhood, apartment, Central Park, Times Square… *le sigh* how I miss my home away from home.

“I Miss New York” by The Brendan Hines & Co.