Super Woman

The Daily Post suggestion I found in my email box this morning asked me the question, “Who is your greatest hero of all time?” It was honestly almost too appropriate for the date. Though some might find my answer cliché, it’s all to easy: my mom.

My Gorgeous Mom | © 2010

To understand why would take a novel but suffice it to say, I take the most after her. Both the good and the bad things I’ve inherited from her personality make me exactly what I am today and as I’ve said before… I’m kind of happy to be me. She truly is a real life super hero and has overcome and sacrificed so much for her children, her husband, her parents, her brothers and sisters, her nieces and nephews and all of her friends.

Growing up and watching my mom bring us up from where we first started as immigrants to this country to where we are now, was such a great life lesson. People wonder why I don’t come off as spoiled when I’m so obviously blessed with parents who would give the world to me if they could and the reason is because I’ve seen and appreciate all the things they’ve done over the years to give us what we have today. I will always remember where I come from, thanks to my mom, and because of that I will always be grateful.

The soundtrack to this video is a recording that my dad, my siblings & I made for my mom on February 2nd, 1990 [I was four].

The first person singing is my dad, followed by my brother, then my sister, then of course me [I’m the one singing “Happy Birthday, dear Mommy”]. You can even hear me giggling at the end when we’re all singing together. I was laughing at my dad who had plugged his nose because we were all huddled around the mic. Little kid breath… awesome.

Happy Birthday, Momma! I love you more than words can say. ♥

Callback: New York

My amazingly talented sister Lorelei Conover posted a lovely album of New York from my birthday weekend.

I almost cried while looking through these photos of my old neighborhood, apartment, Central Park, Times Square… *le sigh* how I miss my home away from home.

“I Miss New York” by The Brendan Hines & Co.

I got it from my momma…

Today is the birth anniversary of the strongest, most intelligent and driven woman I know. She is the first person I go to for life advice and is always able to turn my doubts into encouragements to do better. She is the first to admit that she lacks certain sentimental qualities but I know that she shows her love for her family and especially her children by protecting us from the harsh treatments of the world. My mom almost never cries so when she does, her tears hold a lot of importance. She is and always will be a person I strive to be—beautiful, amazing, loving and deeply loyal.

She is the reason why I am who I am today.

I love you, Mom.

âmes sœurs

My weekend was marvelous.


I spent Saturday watching movies with two of my favorite cousins, Kuya Jay & Kuya Jeff. I finally watched Snatch (it’s amazing that I’ve never seen that movie until now), which more than lived up to my expectations. I also watched Wall-E for the first time and I have to admit there were times during the film that I held back tears—who would have thought a love story between two robots that say almost nothing would be that touching?

After a day of lounging on my cousins’ couch eating burgers and watching films, we headed out to pre-celebrate Kuya Jeff’s 30th birthday. photobooth-kuyasWe decided to take a photo booth picture (btw, worse photo booth ever. What ever happened to quality photo booths of the good ol’ days?) of just the cousins once we were a little less than sober. Ridiculousness ensued.

Unfortunately for me, I ended up drinking far too much and had to end the night relatively early with Kuya Jeff and Trisha walking me home (labs ♥).


Yesterday night was Kuya Jeff’s actual 30th birthday dinner party at Satsku (weird Japanese restaurant that didn’t seem to serve any real Japanese food… Kuya Jay and I ended up sneaking away for a bit and getting sandwiches at a deli down the street). Much fun was had and I saw a lot of people I haven’t seen since the new year.

Oh, and I learned some vulgar phrases in French! One apparently is pretty common and the other is supposedly so bad, I shouldn’t even say it (but I probably will eventually, haha).

Even though it was a Monday, I figured my cousin only turns 30 once so I had a few drinks and enjoyed myself. I was, however, able to hold my own this time around and ended up putting my two (definitely less than sober) cousins in a cab before walking myself home. All in all a very fun evening.


On an unrelated note, I received the sweetest package in the mail yesterday. A book written in French entitled âmes sœurs (soulmates or kindred spirits). It’s going to take me forever to read it… but I started on the first few pages at lunch today and it’s seems like a book I’ll like. I’m looking forward to finishing The Idiot so I can start on âmes sœurs.


Actually I have many things to look forward to… if only 2 weeks could fly by faster. ♥

une meilleure journée

After a rather long and tiresome day, I resolved last night to make the next day a better one and even though I was still haunted by nightmares throughout the night, I woke with a smile on my face and a happy song in my head—I even had a skip in my step on my way to work. A positive attitude can do wonders for my mood. ♥

One weird thing though—while I was on the subway, this one tune kept replaying in my mind. Does anyone remember that commercial with the slogan Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t…? I kept imagining people going a little crazy (in a funny way, of course) and then suddenly stopping and going back to reading their newspaper, listening to their iPod, or just sitting there. Weird, huh? Sometimes, I really get carried away by my imagination.

Before I go back to work… Maligayang Bati to one of my most favorite people on the planet, aking mga kaibigan, Wilbear!!!

He is a talented, giving, intelligent and loyal friend and I’m so thankful to have met him and to be able to say, Welcome to your mid-twenties, Kuyang!

bon anniversaire!

Happy 21st Birthday to one of my dearest friends.

Lara’s one of the few people in my life who could possibly put up with me in such a teeny-tiny space for long periods of time.

She’s small but feisty and is always there to tell me when I’m being taken advantage of & lends an ear whenever I need to whine and complain about my day. Her addiction to all things cute & tasty makes me love her that much more.

Thanks for being my roomie & I hope you have the BEST birthday ever.

I wanted to say Happy Birthday in Vietnamese, but I found so many different variations that I decided to play it safe and go with French. ♥

Pineapple Birthdays.

Should I be nervous that my absentee ballot still hasn’t arrived? Concerning the presidential election, I really don’t feel like my vote will really count. Since we use an electoral college and I can either register in New York or California (both very blue states), I’m not worried about my vote counting towards something. I do, however, think it’s very important to vote against Prop 8 in California that would, if passed, ban gay marriage—which in my opinion, is a step away from the equality our country promotes.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks which accounts for the lack of updates. I’ve been seeing family a lot and exploring the city more than I had when I first arrived in NY. It’s getting colder, so I’m trying to get in as much walking time as possible before I have to stay indoors all the time.

But anyway… the point of my post:

Happy Birthday to my favorite Pilipina.
Miss you like crazy, Ading &
I hope you have the greatest birthday.


& another Maligayang Bati to Mr. Marvin. Hope you have a good one.

[title of post]

Wowza, I’m clever.

Today (at least for another 4 minutes) is my big brother’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Kuya! I lurv you!!
[I am totally rocking the braceface in this picture. Deal with it.]

Tonight was uber fun. It was my brother’s golden birthday so I wanted to make it memorable. Dinner, a Broadway show and some souvenirs equals out to a lot of money spent but it was well worth it. I bought my brother most of the goodies since it was his special day and not mine, but I did come away with this:

[title of show] was amazing. Not only was it hilarious but it was actually a really inspiring story. I almost cried a few times (but stopped myself because I get all embarrassed when I cry). See the show. Buy the CD. I promise, you’ll love it. The show is set to close on October 12th (bad economic times = bad ticket sales) so don’t miss out on it. Get your butt in that seat and hopefully it’ll be enough to save the show from closing.

Anyway, a long day makes for a very tired Ena. So magandang gabi!