I have never been adept at staying still for long periods of time so after 3-full nights & nearly 1.5 days in bed going in and out of sleep, I’ve just about gone mad.

As such, I decided to remove myself from the confines of my room & took a nice, breezy walk over to SoHo to work on my friend’s website. [Side note : Check out his art at marcobrambilla.com. He’s absolutely amazing.]

Marco Brambilla | Flashback (Stereo), 2010

After a few hours of work, my head started to swim & I thought it best to go home & get some more shut-eye so I picked up my sickly-self & skedaddled back to my nice & comfortable apartment. Upon arriving & laying back in my bed, however, I realized that my brain would not have it.

I tossed & turned, made some tea, read a book, listened to my record player, stitched up a hole in my favorite bag, reorganized my closet, wasted time on facebook, caught up on my gReader… & nothing. I was still bored.

This is the result of that boredom.


You don’t record a cappella renditions of gospel music on your netbook’s low-res camera when running a high fever, coughing up a lung & bored to tears?

How strange.



The weather outside is frightful… & unfortunately I’ve no fire that’s delightful. Boo.

Office closed early today due to the storm that’s raged throughout the city so I spent the last few hours of sunlight cocooned in my room, wrapped in a blanket with the heater on full blast. I’ve a bit of fever so I was honestly quite grateful for the half-day since my body refused to keep pace with the tasks I wanted to complete, but it’s no matter, there’s always catch-up tomorrow.

To go along with my physical illness, I’ve also caught a bit of homesickness (surprise, surprise). I’m sure it’ll pass in a few days as it always does, but I sincerely miss the ability to hop into my car, drive the 3-hours rain or shine to my parents for a weekend of full-on pamilya warmth. This also might be a reaction to the photos my lovely sister posted the other day from the mini-family reunion we had in Virginia which celebrated the 50th wedding anniversary of my great-aunt & great uncle.

Cliché as it may sound, I really do believe in the power of love (even if I cringe whilst saying so). Seeing Auntie Nani & Uncle Thomas after so many years of laughter, tears, joys & sorrows shared together made this slightly cynical, once-betrayed, closet-romantic’s heart open up a little to the possibility of finding love like that for myself.

Ha! Who knew a snowday could make so sentimental?

& since I’m on a roll with this emotional disposition… another sad love song.

salamat, b. namimis kita.


I started to teach myself guitar earlier this year and though I haven’t progressed very quickly, I can now [somewhat] carry a tune on the guitar without messing up too badly. I’m still pretty awful, but it’s a great sense of accomplishment to be able to accompany myself while singing. I know I’ve done so on the piano in the past, but I’ve wanted to be able to play the guitar for so long, it’s nice that I now finally have the time to sit down and strum those strings.

I know this song isn’t exactly new, but it makes me smile.

K-Pop & xkcd.

One of my guilty pleasures is K-Pop. It’s bouncy, fun, catchy and cute.

Korean pop star, SeungRi just came out with a new video for “Strong Baby” and though it’s a bit corny at times, I would never describe it as kawaii! It’s anything but… it’s hot:


Also, this xkcd comic definitely brought on the giggles and I wanted to share (sent to me from Paul. Thanks, buddy!):

No One.

Cover of No One by Alicia Keys.

Sorry for the camera movement—I was balancing it on my piano so it shook every time I hit the keys… and ignore the background noise. I have a lovely but rather loud Filipino family. ♥

By the way, I make no claims of being a good singer (& I know I’m a horrible pianist)… I sing because music is comfort food for the soul & I was hungry on Saturday.

Camera Woes.

My sister lost her camera… so christmas photos this year will only be from the hour I was at the party before everyone left. And I pretty much only took pictures of me and my cousins anyway. No photos of my arrival, the aunts and uncles, the kids, opening the presents. Boo… and no photos from our night out at Saddleranch…

At least I still have some pictures from this weekend at home on my camera.

Oh and I have this from my night of karaoke with Wilbear…

It was so much fun seeing him especially because the last time we hung out was in June just before I left for the Big Apple. I finally met Mike, his friend from high school that he’s told me about more times than I could count, and Abs and Sam came as well. Overall, it was a super fun night and I hope I don’t have to wait another 6 months until I can see my Kuya Wil again. ♥

Time for Mass. Long update when I’m back in NY. Au revoir!