Callback: New York

My amazingly talented sister Lorelei Conover posted a lovely album of New York from my birthday weekend.

I almost cried while looking through these photos of my old neighborhood, apartment, Central Park, Times Square… *le sigh* how I miss my home away from home.

“I Miss New York” by The Brendan Hines & Co.


Self-Portrait (#1)

Roy Arden / Self Portrait (#1), Vancouver / From Fragments (1981-85)


I’d really like to own my own Rolleiflex. I’ve never worked with medium-format, but I’d rather have a quality camera than buy a low-quality beginner’s camera that I’d outgrow quickly.

I miss my cameras a lot. I really should have at least brought my Pentax. It’s an old camera and pretty basic but it’s reliable and takes great photos. I also still need to get the Nikon that Sam gave to me a while back fixed. Maybe if I had my cameras, it would give me the kick in the butt I need to really discover New York.