I’ve always loved this passage. An old friend once surprised me with a package and tucked into the parcel was a handwritten note saying that it was a piece which in every respect was a true description of who I represented in his life.

I will forever be flattered.

She will have none of that. She is quick, mercurial, intemperate. She has a big mouth, a rash heart, a generous nature (always a liability, in my view), and if my way is always to opt out, to sit in the window seat with a book in my lap, pressing my face against the pane, then her great weakness, indistinguishable from her great strength, is a fatal, manic aptitude for saying yes. She gets herself and us, and me into trouble: into noble causes and silly disputes… into journeys and strange hotel beds and awkward situations, into putting my money where my mouth is and my name on fund-raising pitch letters for things that I believe in but otherwise, I don’t know, haven’t gotten around to yet. She is the curse and wolfman charm in my blood, calling me to shed my flannel shirt and my pressed pants with their sensible belt and lope on all fours into the forest.

Michael Chabon, Manhood for Amateurs

Paintings by Stella Im Hultberg.

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I have never been adept at staying still for long periods of time so after 3-full nights & nearly 1.5 days in bed going in and out of sleep, I’ve just about gone mad.

As such, I decided to remove myself from the confines of my room & took a nice, breezy walk over to SoHo to work on my friend’s website. [Side note : Check out his art at He’s absolutely amazing.]

Marco Brambilla | Flashback (Stereo), 2010

After a few hours of work, my head started to swim & I thought it best to go home & get some more shut-eye so I picked up my sickly-self & skedaddled back to my nice & comfortable apartment. Upon arriving & laying back in my bed, however, I realized that my brain would not have it.

I tossed & turned, made some tea, read a book, listened to my record player, stitched up a hole in my favorite bag, reorganized my closet, wasted time on facebook, caught up on my gReader… & nothing. I was still bored.

This is the result of that boredom.


You don’t record a cappella renditions of gospel music on your netbook’s low-res camera when running a high fever, coughing up a lung & bored to tears?

How strange.


By Canadian digital painter Bobby Chui.

There’s something about the typical fat kid in his floatie device that makes me really love this image. The image was created for the Totoro Forest Project—a charity auction that brought together 200 artists to save the Sayama forest [aka Totoro] which was the inspiration for Miyazaki’s Totoro.

I also really like his rendition of Whale Boy:

For more information on Bobby Chui and to view more of his work, click here.

not your average fable.

Good day. Spent most of my Saturday walking around the city with Kuya Jay, his friends and Lara. Apart from a bit of bad attitude & a generally awful disposition—to which I still can’t find a reason for why I was seemingly disliked so much—I ended up doing a lot of stuff today and having a great time as well.

Started the day off with a super huge breakfast quesadilla that I whipped up myself after I realized that Lara wouldn’t be waking up as early as I did. Eggs, bacon, tomatoes and monterey jack cheese equals deliciousness. Once Lara was up and about we decided to go to Café Orlins for breakfast (I just got coffee and orange juice). I bumped into my co-worker Doug as usual (we both go there every Saturday), drank my yummy americano and orange juice then headed to Kmart for a much needed Swiffer Wet Jet. I’m totally gonna bust out this bad boy tomorrow. My floors will sparkle dammit!

I met up with Kuya Jay around 1pm, and we walked around a lot, ran into zombies in Union Square, and spent almost an hour in Paragon Sports. After, we decided to check out the Banksy exhibit in Greenwich Village. Lara met up with us and I have to say, The Village Pet Store & Charcoal Grill totally exceeded my expectations. Some of it was funny, others cool and a lot of it was more than a little unnerving. If you have a chance, I highly recommend seeing it. It’s at 89 7th Ave S, between W 4th and Bleeker. My favorite was definitely the monkey:

After Banksy, we headed to Fat Cat for a couple rounds of ping pong, foosball and chess. Then we headed to SoHo where I bought this awesome purse from Volcom:

Lara and I ended our night at our usual Pho place. It was yummy and just what I needed since it was so cold today.

I’ve also spent the last 2 hours debating on whether or not to buy Fable. Fable 2 is coming out in a few days but it’s only being released on Xbox 360 and since I don’t own one … I think I’ll just stick to the original game for now. What makes me mad though is that the Mac version is $49.95 while the Windows version is only $19.99. What I’m thinking about doing is buying the Leopard OS (I know … I should have upgraded long ago) since I’ve been meaning to do so for a while now, and then run Bootcamp and just play the Windows version that way. Then again, I kind of don’t want to do that since I’m waiting for the Snow Leopard OS to come out since I’ll only have to wait about one more year… Gah. I want this game now. Maybe I’ll just say screw it and buy the freaking Apple version.

Hand in Hand.

This is simply beautiful.

You just can’t complain about life when you see people with hardships such as these overcoming them to achieve just exactly what they want.

vinyl baby.

I love records.

In part because I wish I was born in a 1940s musical where everything is technicolor, you can burst out into song in a moment’s notice & things are always wrapped up beautifully in the end—usually involving a dance number & the male protagonist sweeping the once disdainful female off her feet. Such a beautiful love.

But mainly, because I love jazz & blues … and nothing plays jazz & blues like a record player. Actually, everything sounds better on a record player. My favorite thing to do these days is lounge around in my bed with Michelle playing in the background. That wonderful sound of needle hitting vinyl has got to be in my top favorite sounds of the moment (the first being my nephews’ laughter).

So my point? I saw an image of a record sculpture on Boing Boing the other day and while I thought it was really cool, I couldn’t help but think … damn, what a waste of records. I dunno, maybe the point of the piece is a “sound” wave or vinyl striking back at our current technologies, but still—I’ll take listening over looking any day.

By Jean Shin. Currently on display at the Manhattan Museum of Arts and Design through February 15.

Speaking of music, a funny yet truthful comic was was posted on XKCD the other day. The site usually consists of comics that are way too techy or nerdy for me to understand, but this is one that I could really appreciate.

… too bad I’m an iTunes addict.

It’s now been 19 minutes since I woke up from what I thought would be a long and comfortable slumber. I’ve been having a lot of nightmares lately that wake me up in the middle of the night—it’s been days since I’ve had a restful night’s sleep. Oh well, back to tossing & turning.

Mahal na mahal kita. ♥