Lady Sunday

I had a completely girly day. It’s rare that this happens so I more than welcomed the day’s activities.

First brunch, then lounging at home with the cousin and German bestie, then sushi and sake, then shopping (with the two girls giving me crap for spending an iPad’s worth on clothes and shoes… but me not caring) and also Abs harassing a poor salesman with questions on whether he had restocked 5 minutes after he said he hadn’t and then again and again and again… What about now? And now? How about now?

Then we ended the night with dinner, drinks and a scary movie at home which also included Abs accusing me of being a druggie in front of my parents. Awesome. Funniest part… they didn’t give a rat’s ass besides asking Abs, What’s wrong with you? Lol…We watched the Deadgirl which was awful and might as well have been necrophiliac porn but at least we got to paint our nails while watching it, haha.

And now we’re watching an awful web series on Netflix and the wifey is here too. Kind of in love with this day.

Who needs a boy when I have ladies in my life that are this wonderful? ♥


Lightsaber Phone

Such a random day yesterday.

First I got stung by a bee. I’ve never been stung before and if I hadn’t seen the bee actually fall off my shoulder, I wouldn’t have known what it was. Everyone who’s ever told me it hurts like a mother wasn’t lying. It’s actually still throbbing now. I’m just glad I’m not allergic. I’ve always been terrified of bees mainly because I’m pretty allergic to mosquitoes and I never knew how I’d react to a sting from the black & yellow terror.

Kinda hard to see, but it looks like a bee gave me a hickey on my shoulder.

I was also abandoned at a production facility last night. I couldn’t figure out how to close the stupid huge garage sliding door thing, so for a majority of the 2-hours I was there by myself I was completely on edge—so much so, that while moving around some of the inventory I jumped at the sight of my own reflection. Honestly, I was such a little baby, it was kind of hilarious.

Creepy, right?!

And THEN my night started. First dinner at Midori, then drinks at The Local Peasant in Sherman Oaks, then more drinks at the Victorian in Santa Monica, then random after party at a friend of friend’s house whose name I never remember, though I do recall renaming him Clarence at some point. We kept it going until 5 in the morning at which point I absolutely had to call it a night… or a good morning. Whichever.

At one point during the evening I did happen to drop my phone and this morning I woke up to a lightsaber-like line going straight through the screen. I think it maybe time to buy a new phone? What do you guys think: should I try my hand at the iPhone 4 again (last time I shattered it a week after I got it) or get the Nexus S? Decisions, decisions.

One positive thing about last night was the bit of a boost my ego got. I’ve been feeling pretty crappy all week and admittedly a bit insecure which isn’t very like me, but the male attention I got throughout the night’s shenanigans definitely helped a bit. Not to say that I ever need the attention to feel good about myself… but every now and then when I’ve been feeling self-conscious and unattractive it’s nice to know I can still rock a room with my freakum dress, high heels and quick wit. Rawr.

Seeing the German playmate tonight! More drinking??? Body, can you take it?

The Nic Cave

It’s a nice spot with microphones and laptops and pianos and guitars and melodies that go on for hours and hours. Whenever my friends are texting/calling/IMing me asking me where the heck I am and why I’m not out and about galavanting with them, it’s more than likely because I’ve tucked myself into the world known as my happy place.

I don’t think it’s difficult to realize that I am a lover of new people, new places and new experiences but every now and again it’s an absolute blessing to get a night to myself where I can do whatever the heck it is I want whether that’s playing video games, painting my nails, making with zee music or just lounging in bed all evening. So… while several lovely people were curious enough to send me inquiries in regards to my whereabouts, I was at home doing this:

And learning new songs on the piano. AND replaying the slightly older school Kingdom Hearts II.

TOMORROW, I galavant. But as for now… a sublime way to spend a Thursday night if you ask me.

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Filleting Fishies & Monday Rock Outs

I filleted my first trout on Monday night. It’s probably something I should have known how to do long ago, but since I’m Filipino and we usually cook our fishies whole (head and all)—

Mmm... tilapia.

…I just never learned how to do it.

For my first time deboning an uncooked fish (it’s easy enough when it’s already cooked), I think I did a pretty swell job of it. I’m only writing about this because I absolutely need to share this recipe which I got from the Abs Diet for Women. It’s yummy, easy to make and most of all, it’s good for you! If you don’t want to fillet your own trout I’m sure you can ask the butcher at the market to do it for you (I was too shy/too impatient to wait so I grabbed a whole one instead).

What you need:

  • Olive oil
  • Salt & pepper
  • Cornmeal
  • Parsley
  • Trout fillet
  • Green beans
  • Sliced almonds
  • A frying pan
  • A steamer

Heat about a tablespoon of olive oil in the skillet over medium heat. Cover the flesh side of the trout fillet with cornmeal and season with salt and pepper to taste. Place the trout flesh side down in skillet and cook on one side for 4 minutes, flip and cook for another 2 minutes. Plate and garnish with chopped parsley.

In a steamer, cook a cup of green beans (trimmed and cut into bite size pieces) for about 5 minutes. Toss with a teaspoon of olive oil, about 2 tablespoons of sliced almonds, and salt and pepper to taste.

And voilà… Delicioso dinner in under 10 minutes.

For you calorie counters: Calories 372, Protein 20g, Carbs 17g, Total Fat 26g, Saturated Fat 4g, Sodium 48mg, Fiber 5g.

I enjoyed it, my mom enjoyed it and so did my cousin, the self-professed “fat kid,” Abs. So if you like cooking, try it. I promise you won’t be disappointed (unless you hate fish… then sucks for you).

After we scarfed down our dinner we met up with Blue and his cousin to see Steel Panther at the House of Blues. I kept trying to figure out all night why they seemed so familiar until Blue pointed out that they used to be called Metal Skool. DUR. I used to go and see them all the time at Typhoon Saloon in San Diego. Oh the memories… only yesterday did I stand in that crowd of white chicks, short skirts and beer guts as the band spouted vulgarities and insults toward the crowd who loved every second of it. Not much has changed except they may have stepped up their antics just a bit. Or maybe I’m just shocked more now than I was back then. In any case, mucho fun and tomfoolery was had by all.

I'm obviously the blond one.

Now I have to prep my room for the arrival of my lovely and amazing German cohort who lands from NY tomorrow. Also keeping my fingers crossed that Missouri can make it into town as well. ♥

And then… GYM. I really need to find a consistent workout buddy *cough* Wifey *cough* to push me on days such as this when I feel sluggish and not at all in the mood for lifting weights and running my butt off. Gym, gym, gym. Do it, do it, do it.

K. ReadySetGo.

Side Note: I’m totally failing this month at the whole Post a Day thing. Kinda mad at myself, but life distracts (as always). I guess I’ll just have to try harder from now on. :)

Nic Stuff

Sorry for the disappearing act, World Wide Web. I needed a couple of days to get my head screwed back on. It’s not quite there yet, but it’ll have to do.

So updates: I totally failed on counting calories. The last 2 weeks working as a director’s assistant often left me way under my needed caloric intake which just left me feeling stressed out and defeated. On top of it, I didn’t feel very healthy and became rather OCD about my food journal and jotting down every single piece of food or drink that entered my mouth. I think I even gained weight. No bueno.

Instead, I’ve put myself on a balanced and healthy 6-meals a day plan which so far has been working much better. It’s high in protein, fiber, has a good amount of carbs for energy and just enough fats to help promote muscle growth. I’m almost through the Abs Diet for Women book and what I like most about it is that it really explains why carbs and fat are both good and bad for you depending on what types you eat. Most importantly, it contradicts all the dumb diet fads I’ve always been against for years: the low-fat, low-carb diets that actually end up making you gain weight in the end. There are many reasons why this happens but to put it simply, our bodies rebel against us when we aren’t giving them the nutrients that we need. When we put ourselves on low-fat diets or completely take out carbohydrates from out lives, our bodies adjust in order to store more fat so that we’re getting the energy we need for our day to day lives.

I totally cheated on the healthy diet this weekend using my friends in town as an excuse but I think it was worth it. Wilmar and Sarah, two of my closest friends from university (and also the most adorable couple on the planet) were in town to see the Tritones (my old a cappella group) compete at ICCA. I went with them and though the Tritones didn’t place, they seriously rocked the crowd. I’m so proud of them. Their sound now compared to how we sounded back then is rounder, cleaner and much stronger. Wanna hear me back when I was a little 21-year-old? Check, check, check it out:

Addicted – UCSD Tritones 2006-2007

After ICCA, we attempted to go to Mad Bulls but it was far too crowded. While I waited for them there I did have a run in with a Shakespeare looking fellow who asked me if I’ve ever acted and if I wanted to be in his movie. I couldn’t help but be snarky and ask him what kind of movie it was. He surprised me by saying it was a documentary about the dangers of obesity and that I would be used as one of the “beautiful” girls, lol. But let’s be real… he totally wants me to be in a nudie pic. I really wish I had kept his business card because the picture on it was hilarity at it’s finest.

Since Mad Bulls was a bust, we headed back to my place with frozen pizzas, gin, and whiskey where Black Dynamite was waiting for us on Netflix. If you haven’t seen the movie I highly recommend it. It’s one of those films that is made bad on purpose and it does SUCH a great job of it. I’m definitely going to watch it again.

I’d write more but I’m rather tired and I still need to head to the gym for a quick run before bedtime. Work tomorrow on a new commercial though I’ve yet to find out what the commercial is for. Schwing!

And That’s a Wrap

The shoot finished up yesterday. I spent the entire day in and out of sleep, answering a few work emails but mainly reading and decompressing. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the last 2-weeks of craziness so no real post today. No real anything today. I think this is the least productive I’ve been in a very long while, but it was absolutely necessary.

Gym time then sleep time.

Until mañana!

Huh, what-now, where?

Up since 4am and running on 2 hours of sleep on what turned into an 18-hour day on the set of my first real production. Not complaining since working as the director’s assistant has taught me so much about shots and cameras and crazy people and framing and boards and wardrobe and shooting schedules and agency creatives and a whole multitude of things involved in the film world that I didn’t even know existed less than 2 weeks ago.

What IS weird but at the same time rather flattering is being treated like an AD when I really just learned what the term meant 4 days ago. I know people trust me because the director trusts me, and because I created the shooting schedule and know the boards as well as I know the back of my hand (wait, where the heck is that cut from???), but I was terrified all day of messing up and dropping the ball. However, seeing as I’m too tired to even move, I’m going to try and not think about it till morning and will have to hope the decisions I was asked to make, and the shots that I was asked to run, do not mess us up for tomorrow. Yay 6AM! Here we go…

Past 2 and still smiling (though obviously a bit tuckered out).

I think I need a cuddle. Who wants to be my cuddle buddy?

It’s Late

I’ve had a looong day full of fires, generators, candles, crazy animators and strange things all around so I’m kind of posting just to post.

16-hour pre-pro today, 14-hour shoot tomorrow and 12-hour shoot Wednesday. Just finished the shooting schedules and sent them out. Now it is DEFINITELY time for bed. 2-hours of sleep will have to do.

To call back to the nickname a guy I used to date gave me: I’ve gotta pull a Super Girl.

Ready, steady bedtime!

My Childhood in Consoles

I was digging through the closet in my old room looking for a 1950s hat I used to rock in my college years when I came across a box that completely brought me back to my childhood days. Back then, I was far more likely to be found in basketball shorts, playing Starcraft than putting on make-up and making eyes at the cute boys at school (usually I was beating them at Street Fighter instead).

Anyway, the box had my old gameboy, my N64 and the family PS2 [the Nintendo, Super NES and Sega Gen are no longer with us unfortunately]. I brought them all down to my room and have every intention of reliving my glory days as the best Mario Kart player in the world.

Growing up, my brother, sister and cousins hated playing with me because I was always extremely competitive (still am). Just ask my sister who says that as soon as there’s some sort of challenge involved, my game steps up at least 5 notches. I’m not a sore loser and will humbly relent to someone more skilled than I, but I definitely do not like to lose. It was much worse back when I was a stubborn little tomboy (in both aesthetics and mind). I always thought that turning my fingers into bloody blisters was a far better option than losing at Tekken—especially to smirking, snarky boys. Fortunately, I rarely lost. No joke.

In any case, my glory days will have to wait. I’m tired and I have another early morning. But man are my fingers craving that joystick action.