About the Password

From time to time, I write a post that necessitates a bit more privacy than the world-wide-web offers. Translation: I’m being emo. If you’d like to read my password protected posts, please fill out the form below and enter in a valid e-mail address. You won’t be spammed, I promise.

There’s one catch: life is all about give & take so in order to get my password you have to send me a song suggestion [I love new music]. As soon as I get the email, I’ll send the password your way.

6 thoughts on “About the Password

  1. Hi Ena! How are you doing? I found you/ your blog through Facebook and I’ve been reading on and off for a while. I already love your open-posted writing, so I have a suspicion that your protected stuff may be even more beautiful. No pressure if you don’t want to hand over the password. :)

  2. Hi Maki!

    I’m doing really well. Thanks for reading and the nice compliment. :) How are you doing? Where are you living now?

    Anyway, password sent and hope to hear from you soon.

    I edited out your email so that no one has access to it.

  3. Hi Ena =) I ran across your blog again just now and either my memory’s failing or you changed the password!

    Well, hope you’ll let me in on your semi-secret life ;)


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