About the Girl

I guess this is the part where I talk about myself, right?

First thing’s first: my name is Ena but my family and close friends call me Nic [short for Nicole: see backstory]. I was born in the Philippines, raised in Los Angeles, educated in Santa Cruz and San Diego, given the freedom to mature in New York and now I’m back in California living and working but mostly playing in the sun and sand.


the geek

I am a total geek, so much so that I know by definition I am not a nerd. If you need help figuring it out this venn diagram should help:

from greatwhiteshark.com

In all honesty though, I don’t really care what you call me, so this should suffice instead:

from xkcd.com

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a big time tomboy who’s spent more time playing video games, blading to Balboa Park, or tinkering with the insides of a computer than learning to put on make-up, playing with Barbie dolls or remembering the latest fashion trends. Granted, I’ve mastered how to fake the girly bit as I’ve grown up [a natural product of maturation], and I definitely have my female tendencies [like baking and crocheting], but more often than not, I’d still rather be coding or playing Street Fighter. I know what I look like and few people choose to believe me [especially concerning my past as a gamer], but I guess I’ll have to leave that up to you.

Playing Golden Eye with ma BoYz.


the softy

I’m generous with my time and energy for those I care about and if you ever need me for anything, you can be sure I’ll handle it to the best of my ability and then some. My little cousin once told me that one of the reasons I’m so “nice” is that I seem to feel things 10x more than the average person. I’m terrified to even imagine that’s true. I have a lot of walls which takes some time to get past and for good reason. Behind them is a lot of vulnerability and once I let you in, I’m there for you completely. If you’re shady, the walls go back up and they may never again come down.


the baby

Siblings: we love to laugh together (mia: Ms. Ashley)

I am a family girl through and through. As the youngest [and most independent], my family has supported me at all levels of my life and for that, I will forever be grateful. My mom is a tiny but tough business lady who always knows the right thing to say. My dad can be a bit intimidating due to his tall stature & tendency to dress like a biker, but he really is just a big ol’ teddy bear. My eldest sibling is my brother whose intelligence always astounds me. His way of looking at the world is different to say the least, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. My sister [the classic middle child] is a strong, independent & creative person who challenges & inspires me to do my best while always being the rock I need in times of crisis. My cousin is a talented beauty with the world at her feet. She’s funny, witty & is always there when I need a laugh or a shoulder to cry on. My aunt [also known as my second mom], has a sensitive & lively persona. She laughs at the simplest things & never fails to put a smile on my face. My littler cousin, the baller and heartbreaker, has a tough exterior but a sensitive and wonderful soul. I also have a very large extended family [more cousins than I can count] & I tend to think that every Filipino person I meet is related to me somehow.


the work

I live to create. I’ve been a freelance graphic and web designer since I was about 16 and since then I’ve also been a medical clerk, a singing-hostess, a marketing assistant, an office gopher, a sales manager, a student counselor and even a gardener. As of late, with my design gigs taking a back seat, I’ve been working the mostly not-so-glamourous production side of Hollywood as a Coordinator. Life is pretty damn swell.


the singer

I like to sing. Whenever I’m short on words, a melody is all I need to express exactly what I’m feeling.


the name: backstory

After I immigrated to the US at the age of 2, my mom enrolled me in school as Nicole, leaving out the Ena. I went through most of my adolescence not knowing what my full name was. The story by now is a bit muddled as to how I found out my real name [my uncle was making fun of me, I found my birth certificate … who can remember at this point] but at 17 when I obtained my US Citizenship, I changed all my school documents back to Ena Nicole. Most people prior to my college years call me Nicole, while everyone since then has called me Ena.


the rest

As is the case with all people, I am ever evolving and so must this section. It’s hard to summarize any one person in a few words, but for now I can be described as this: tomboy, geek, artist, secret collector, student, singer, adventurer, cheese enthusiast & monkey fanatic. I’m sure many more can be added on, but I’ll save that for another date. Until then, adios muchachos.

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