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interweb beginnings

The first website I remember creating was probably around the age of 11 or 12. At the time, my sister who is 4 years my senior was my absolute hero and I was her shadow. I wanted to be and do just like her so whether it was drawing, basketball, singing or writing I was there fumbling along and trying to keep up with her. Ergo: when she took up HTML, so did I.

My first site wasn’t exactly the most creative or insightful undertaking but I do remember being extremely proud of it especially since it wasn’t your run of the mill GeoCities webpage. Though I did publish it on the hosting service, I followed after my sister, and wrote the whole thing in Windows Notepad from scratch. The subject of the site was also one of the very first signs of my inner geek: A Sailor Moon fan page. After a week of research I had chronicled the entire Sailor Moon history, from Queen Beryl to Princess Serenity and even the stories of the lesser known Scouts which included Chibiusa, Pluto, Neptune, Saturn and Uranus [good lord, I can’t believe I even remember that stuff].

Needless to say I eventually grew out of my Sailor years and moved into my teen-angst-going-through-puberty-no-one-cares-about-me-I-need-a-space-to-talk-about-myself years. With the world wide web at my fingertips, what else would a dramatic egomaniac do besides start my own blog in which to vent my frustrations and BOY, did I do that. I’m talking passive aggressive, I’m a whiny little nobody, oh-my-gulay stop complaining already, emo up the Hee-Haw. The posts are actually still up floating around somewhere on the interwebs but I have it all under lock and key. I keep thinking of taking it down but honestly it’s kind of funny to go back and read some of my less than sane moments.

which brings us to today

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The title Pamumuhay Ko is a Filipino phrase which translates to Life of Mine in English. I started this blog during a period in my life that was full of transition: lifestyle, relationships, even US coast. This blog, like the blogs of my past, has no theme, no structure and no other real purpose besides giving me a writing outlet in which I feel I can be heard [at least by friends]. I’d like to think that it’s less drama-infused and hopefully much better written than those I wrote in my teenage years, but at the end of the day this is still my personal blog. I write about anything that pops in this little ol’ head of mine. Sometimes I’m silly, sometimes I’m serious and sometimes, yes, I can still be downright dramatic but more often than not I’m just me and I’d like to think that “just me” is kind of nice.

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The photo used in the header for this site is copyrighted and was taken in Brooklyn, NY by my talented and lovely sister Lorelei Conover. See more of her work at loreleiphotos.com