The Humble Bundle is Back!

Gamer friends: support these four awesome indie games by purchasing the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle.

You can pay what you want and also decide how your payment is dispersed between the developers of the games, charity foundations and even organizers of the Humble Bundle. I’ve only tried Trine & Shadowgrounds but both are very well produced and the graphics are entirely slick.

The fantastical side of me LOVES Trine:

You play as three characters, the first being an elfish looking thief, a sneaky looking wizard and a rather large warrior. She’s agile, gorgeous and relatively easy to control. The game in general is physics based and as far as I’ve gotten entirely enjoyable. The world within the game is amazingly beautiful. It kind of reminds me of how I felt the first time I saw Avatar. People may have their qualms with the plot line of the film, but you can’t deny the absolute detail that went into the creation of Pandora. Obviously Trine is not the same as the million dollar virtual world created in Avatar, but it’s spectacular in it’s own right.

Shadowgrounds on the other hand is one of those hearts stopping games (at least for me) in which I’m afraid to turn the corner lest some alien jumps and bites my head off. The game isn’t as terrifying as the usual shooter games since the angle of the camera is overhead as opposed to first person. If you’ve ever played Solomon’s Keep on the iPhone or Zenonia on the android, the movement is similar though much more polished. The graphics even more so.

Like I said you can pay what you want, so support this multi-platform, DRM-free collection of great games. If you only have a Mac like me, be aware that one of the games—Jack Claw—is only available on PC. Splot is still in development and will be available for download as soon as it’s finished.

If you’re a cheap-o and don’t want to pay for them, just send me a message and I’ll give you a download link to my dropbox because even if your stingy, I still want you to try out these games. They’s the bomb, yo.

For more information about the Humble Bundle, you can read more about them on their wiki page.

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