Kinda Sad Nic

Hectic day, but that’s not why I’m sad.

My lovely and dear friend Anna is leaving in a few hours to go back to NY and because of my and HER crazy work schedule I barely had any time to hang with her. So tonight we drank and were merry until 1AM.

And even though I have a 6AM call time in Downey—which really means I have to leave my house at 5AM [ugh]—the exhaustion I’ll feel on set will be totally worth it.

At least I MAY have a place to stay in the area so I won’t have to drive back and forth since the shoot days are Thursday through Saturday… here’s hoping.

And now I am to bed. Goodnight loveys. Hopefully in a few days I’ll have some time to write about something that’s actually interesting and not just fodder.

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