Bad Mamajama

Considering the shenanigans I pulled last night in combination with my early call time on location in far away Downey, the day was surprisingly smooth and painless. Granted I did stay on set until 9:30pm (oh my, do I do enjoy these back to back 16 hour days) and I still haven’t had the energy to go to the gym but at least I’m home and for the first time since last Thursday, sleeping in my own bed.

Oh bed, how I’ve missed you. ♥

Another early call time tomorrow and the same the day after that. AND THEN a day off (I think… I hope). I’m totally going to hike Runyon like a bad mamajama on Sunday. Who wants to come?

To all of those who partook in the green festivities today I hope you had mucho fun. SAFE fun. May you all have lovely, intoxicated dreams.

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