Lady Sunday

I had a completely girly day. It’s rare that this happens so I more than welcomed the day’s activities.

First brunch, then lounging at home with the cousin and German bestie, then sushi and sake, then shopping (with the two girls giving me crap for spending an iPad’s worth on clothes and shoes… but me not caring) and also Abs harassing a poor salesman with questions on whether he had restocked 5 minutes after he said he hadn’t and then again and again and again… What about now? And now? How about now?

Then we ended the night with dinner, drinks and a scary movie at home which also included Abs accusing me of being a druggie in front of my parents. Awesome. Funniest part… they didn’t give a rat’s ass besides asking Abs, What’s wrong with you? Lol…We watched the Deadgirl which was awful and might as well have been necrophiliac porn but at least we got to paint our nails while watching it, haha.

And now we’re watching an awful web series on Netflix and the wifey is here too. Kind of in love with this day.

Who needs a boy when I have ladies in my life that are this wonderful? ♥

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