Huh, what-now, where?

Up since 4am and running on 2 hours of sleep on what turned into an 18-hour day on the set of my first real production. Not complaining since working as the director’s assistant has taught me so much about shots and cameras and crazy people and framing and boards and wardrobe and shooting schedules and agency creatives and a whole multitude of things involved in the film world that I didn’t even know existed less than 2 weeks ago.

What IS weird but at the same time rather flattering is being treated like an AD when I really just learned what the term meant 4 days ago. I know people trust me because the director trusts me, and because I created the shooting schedule and know the boards as well as I know the back of my hand (wait, where the heck is that cut from???), but I was terrified all day of messing up and dropping the ball. However, seeing as I’m too tired to even move, I’m going to try and not think about it till morning and will have to hope the decisions I was asked to make, and the shots that I was asked to run, do not mess us up for tomorrow. Yay 6AM! Here we go…

Past 2 and still smiling (though obviously a bit tuckered out).

I think I need a cuddle. Who wants to be my cuddle buddy?

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