Night Time Shenanigans & Day Long Naps

From what I remember of last night, I had mucho fun.

J, L & I got into the bottle of Glenfiddich I had brought over and 3 whiskey neats past midnight we put on our dancing shoes and packed into a cab heading toward Area 33 to meet Mr. Flip for the Good Vibe Productions Pisces Ball. It reminded me of those random underground warehouse parties I used to go to in Brooklyn. All in all a very good time except for the fact that I was a little too chocolate wasted.

After the 3 whiskeys from earlier in the evening I had 2 more gin & tonics upon arrival. I know that’s kind of a lot, but I used to have a really high tolerance. A year ago, at most I’d be tipsy and a bit too giggly. Instead, I ended up past out in Flip’s car on the way back to J’s. We were supposed to go downtown after (I think) but as soon as we got back, I immediately crashed on the couch and was comatose until morning. Still… many a good time. One highlight was telling the Brazilian guy that harassed L & I for our numbers that he definitely looked Filipino and that I thought he was lying. In the morning we all packed into my car and made an attempt to go to the beach just to lay out and take a nap but it was far too cold. The dang weather always thwarts my adventures!

I spent the rest of the day curled up in bed, going in and out of sleep to answer work emails and finish up some pre-pro documents for the tech scout tomorrow. Speaking of which, I have a call time at 7:30 and I still have to finish printing out the production book.

Lo siento, friends but no calorie stories today. Come to think of it, you’re probably actually thankful. Weekends are meant for some indulgence, no?

Night, night & dream well. xx

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