Drunk People Should Not Play with Phones

I triple booked myself last night but only ended up attending one of the three birthday dealios I had planned on stopping by (sorry guys!). This was mainly because I was exhausted from a day that had started at 4:30am (thank you gym) and the long and busy day that followed which meant I also hadn’t had much time to eat. So by the time my work day finally finished at around 8:30pm, I had zero energy and all I wanted was to go home and curl into bed.

Instead, I went to greet my gorgeous friend Sarah for her birthday at The Draft in Studio City. I’m glad I ended up going since it was a fun place—even though the bar girls aren’t the brightest bulbs in the pack—but lack of food and energy meant the 2 whiskeys I had went straight to my head.

I know this is common knowledge but I really have to remind myself not to play with my phone when I’m tipsy. When I lived in NY my friends used to take my phone and bury it at the bottom of my very large purse so I wouldn’t be able to find it. Unfortunately, my friends in LA have not yet learned this trick so I ended up sending some nonsensical texts out to people. Blerg and whoops: sorry to anyone unfortunate enough to have gotten a message from me… OR my friend who had taken my phone and sent out more texts. Seriously, many apologies. Kind of funny now that I’m looking at them in the daylight, but I was kind of horrified with myself when I got home. Oh well… c’est la vie and lessoned learned. Hopefully.

Also mad at myself for not posting yesterday, so another post later tonight. With any luck, I won’t have anything embarrassing to write about.

But for now, lunch date. I clean up kinda nice, right?

Later gaters. ♥

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