That Age Old Question

When I lived in NY I used to lie about my age on a regular basis but it’s not in the way you’d think. Most of the time I tried my best to keep it a secret but in those situations when I was called to answer the question Ena, how old are you? instead of telling the truth I would say 33 with a smile and walk away before any more questions could be asked.

I was reminded why I felt almost forced to do this while reading an article in Glamour about a 28-year-old female entrepreneur. She too felt the need to avoid the dreaded age question. Fact is, as an intelligent, creative and confident woman I’m taken less seriously as soon as people find out my age. Especially when taking a look at my résumé in which case most people think I have way too much experience for someone of 25. Now THAT I don’t exaggerate. I’ve been working since I was 16 and have done everything from assisting to writing to counseling to managing so it’s only natural that I have a lot to offer, no?

The habit of lying about my age really came about when I worked at an English school as a student counselor. I had created the administration and immigration systems while there and pretty much ran the admin department. It was my responsibility to make sure all the students were happy but that they were also going to the classes. Unfortunately a lot of the students were either my age or older so I spent a lot of time in the beginning having to prove that despite my age I was in charge and deserved to be so. In the end, it was just easier to lie and thirty-three rolled so easily off the tongue.

Surprisingly, I haven’t felt the need at all to lie here in LA. Then again I’ve been freelancing and interning while here. As soon as I get off my rump and find a 9 to 5 worth the sacrifice of my flexible schedule I’ll probably turn to lying again. Le sigh.

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