Food, Fitness & an Afternoon with My Pops

Spent the afternoon with the number one man in my life, my Poppa.

I rarely get to spend time with him these days since he travels so much for work. My dad’s a truck driver and is usually on the road to Canada or the East Coast and when he is home I’m usually off at work and by the time I get back, he’s travelling once again. He’s always sending us photos from the road so it kinda feels like we’re with him—

Poppa Bear on the Road

If you ever see a 6’3″ biker looking dude with long hair and a bandana driving a huge big rig who is ALSO Filipino, it’s probably my dad. He’s definitely not hard to spot in a crowd. ♥

We grabbed some lunch at In & Out and spent most of it talking about our current fitness goals. He’s been working on getting back into shape so I told him about a site that a new friend had recommended to me called He’s into weight lifting now and has been for years but he used to be very slim during his basketball playing days—

Now a days he’s more likely to remind you of a bodyguard then a 80s baller (though he still is).

My Pops: The Biker

Anyway, I took a look at the site myself the other day and along with articles on training, nutrition, transformations and many others there are also metabolic calculators, forums and how-to guides. I haven’t had a chance to delve too deeply into it but it seems like a GREAT resource. Ugh.. the idea of counting calories though is not something that makes me jump for joy. At least it’s something my dad can definitely use. I think it’ll give him all the nutritional resources he needs to get him back to lifting the weights he used to back in the day.

We also ended up going to Costco where we bought a ton of meat, some Kashi GOLEAN Bars for some extra protein & fiber as well as the vitamins my doctor recommended for me: 1000mg of Vitamin D + a Woman’s One a Day should do the trick. Hopefully it’ll give me that extra boost I need to get my groove on at the gym. I also bought some Natrol 5-HTP to stabilize my mood, appetite and sleeping patterns but if you guys have heard anything bad about it let me know so I can stop taking it. The reviews online seem pretty good though, so I’m not worried. My dad also bought me a little bit of a present (so spoiled ♥)—

We had actually grabbed the slip (and paid) for the 4GB (1 Hour) HD Mino but by the time we were on our way back home I realized the guy had given us the 8GB (2 Hour) HD Ultra. Whoops! I told my dad and he started laughing then said,

I noticed the guy was distracted because he was looking at your legs. I wanted to smack him! Serves him right.

Lol… oh lord. Do you guys think karma’s gonna get me if I don’t return it? I’ll give myself a day to think about it, haha. My Mom told me to just keep it: she reasons that if there’s any karma going on it’s good karma for me… and that if I return it now, the guy will get in trouble. :(

To get back on food and fitness, when I got home I found an article in my inbox from LIVESTRONG about the new U.S. diet guidelines—

What we are encouraged to eat more of are: whole grains, vegetables, fruits, low-fat or fat-free milk, yogurt and cheese or fortified soy beverages, vegetable oils such as canola, corn, olive, peanut and soybean, and seafood.

It’s recommended that we eat less: added sugars, solid fats, including saturated and trans fats, refined grains, and sodium.

…The guidelines are not promoting any one type of diet, rather they encourage an eating pattern that is both nutrient dense and calorie balanced.

The article breaks down what foods to avoid in order to decrease solid fats, added sugars, etc. as well as the cost-friendly foods that will help you eat healthier without breaking the bank. I highly recommend reading it: New U.S. Diet Guidelines: What You Need to Know Now

And now for an early din to give me that extra energy for a nice run. Ciao for now, my crazy critters.

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