Super Woman

The Daily Post suggestion I found in my email box this morning asked me the question, “Who is your greatest hero of all time?” It was honestly almost too appropriate for the date. Though some might find my answer cliché, it’s all to easy: my mom.

My Gorgeous Mom | © 2010

To understand why would take a novel but suffice it to say, I take the most after her. Both the good and the bad things I’ve inherited from her personality make me exactly what I am today and as I’ve said before… I’m kind of happy to be me. She truly is a real life super hero and has overcome and sacrificed so much for her children, her husband, her parents, her brothers and sisters, her nieces and nephews and all of her friends.

Growing up and watching my mom bring us up from where we first started as immigrants to this country to where we are now, was such a great life lesson. People wonder why I don’t come off as spoiled when I’m so obviously blessed with parents who would give the world to me if they could and the reason is because I’ve seen and appreciate all the things they’ve done over the years to give us what we have today. I will always remember where I come from, thanks to my mom, and because of that I will always be grateful.

The soundtrack to this video is a recording that my dad, my siblings & I made for my mom on February 2nd, 1990 [I was four].

The first person singing is my dad, followed by my brother, then my sister, then of course me [I’m the one singing “Happy Birthday, dear Mommy”]. You can even hear me giggling at the end when we’re all singing together. I was laughing at my dad who had plugged his nose because we were all huddled around the mic. Little kid breath… awesome.

Happy Birthday, Momma! I love you more than words can say. ♥

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