My Childhood in Consoles

I was digging through the closet in my old room looking for a 1950s hat I used to rock in my college years when I came across a box that completely brought me back to my childhood days. Back then, I was far more likely to be found in basketball shorts, playing Starcraft than putting on make-up and making eyes at the cute boys at school (usually I was beating them at Street Fighter instead).

Anyway, the box had my old gameboy, my N64 and the family PS2 [the Nintendo, Super NES and Sega Gen are no longer with us unfortunately]. I brought them all down to my room and have every intention of reliving my glory days as the best Mario Kart player in the world.

Growing up, my brother, sister and cousins hated playing with me because I was always extremely competitive (still am). Just ask my sister who says that as soon as there’s some sort of challenge involved, my game steps up at least 5 notches. I’m not a sore loser and will humbly relent to someone more skilled than I, but I definitely do not like to lose. It was much worse back when I was a stubborn little tomboy (in both aesthetics and mind). I always thought that turning my fingers into bloody blisters was a far better option than losing at Tekken—especially to smirking, snarky boys. Fortunately, I rarely lost. No joke.

In any case, my glory days will have to wait. I’m tired and I have another early morning. But man are my fingers craving that joystick action.


Night Time Shenanigans & Day Long Naps

From what I remember of last night, I had mucho fun.

J, L & I got into the bottle of Glenfiddich I had brought over and 3 whiskey neats past midnight we put on our dancing shoes and packed into a cab heading toward Area 33 to meet Mr. Flip for the Good Vibe Productions Pisces Ball. It reminded me of those random underground warehouse parties I used to go to in Brooklyn. All in all a very good time except for the fact that I was a little too chocolate wasted.

After the 3 whiskeys from earlier in the evening I had 2 more gin & tonics upon arrival. I know that’s kind of a lot, but I used to have a really high tolerance. A year ago, at most I’d be tipsy and a bit too giggly. Instead, I ended up past out in Flip’s car on the way back to J’s. We were supposed to go downtown after (I think) but as soon as we got back, I immediately crashed on the couch and was comatose until morning. Still… many a good time. One highlight was telling the Brazilian guy that harassed L & I for our numbers that he definitely looked Filipino and that I thought he was lying. In the morning we all packed into my car and made an attempt to go to the beach just to lay out and take a nap but it was far too cold. The dang weather always thwarts my adventures!

I spent the rest of the day curled up in bed, going in and out of sleep to answer work emails and finish up some pre-pro documents for the tech scout tomorrow. Speaking of which, I have a call time at 7:30 and I still have to finish printing out the production book.

Lo siento, friends but no calorie stories today. Come to think of it, you’re probably actually thankful. Weekends are meant for some indulgence, no?

Night, night & dream well. xx

Bad Car Karma on Another Long Day

Just sent out my last work email and it’s nearly 12:30AM. Normally I wouldn’t think this such a big deal had I not started my day at 5:30AM—19 hours and still going. It’s been a while since I’ve done this to myself.

I actually started this post at 11:37PM, sitting outside of the EP office in my car just so I could use the internet connection in order to send out said work email. The files I needed to send were too big so I had to do some resizing but was quickly running out of juice on my laptop. I briefly considered opening up the office then quickly ruled it out because in all honesty, I’ve been a lot more conscious of deserted streets since the mugging and waiting on one empty corner was enough nervousness I could stand in one night. Trying to unlock a padlocked gate, then an office door to a building full of very expensive film equipment while simultaneously feeling terrified to look over my shoulder to see someone trying to grab me and beat me up again was not something I felt like dealing with. Sooo… I headed home to complete the work. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

My morning started out ok. Skipped the crack of dawn workout in hopes of putting in an evening gym session (which unfortunately did not happen) and had a cereal bar for breakfast as I ran out the door in order to pick up the director at 7am sharp. She, however, was not ready when I got there so I sat in my car for about 30min or so listening to NPR and double checking the calendar for the day. By the time she was raring to go, my battery was dead. See… this kind of thing has never happened to me before. I’ve often sat and listened to the radio, engine off with no problem starting the car when I good and ready. SO embarrassing. Yesterday I get a speeding ticket and now this.

We ended up taking her car over to the production office for the test shoots and from then on, it was an interesting day to say the least. Frustrations, people not listening, people talking over each other, whispered dramas in corners, short tempers, dizzying conversations and lots and lots of make-up. Thank the lord the model was so nice. I swear, this girl is a dream. Absolutely gorgeous but also funny, tomboyish, helpful, intelligent AND knew what I was talking about when I said I once dressed as a night elf from War Craft 3 (yes, that’s true and don’t judge me). Before you ask: Sorry, guy friends, I cannot give you her number.

Anyway, after all the craziness of the testing was over and done with and the director was content with what we had been able to accomplish, I was left to take a taxi back to my poor defunct car which my dear friend Johnny had promised to bolster back to life with the help of jumper cables. This is when waiting at a dark corner at 10pm—in an industrial, deserted area no less—and feeling that creepy sense that something awful was going to happen (though nothing did) kicked in. When the driver found me, I was so relieved I practically leapt into the cab.

Instead of heading to my car right away, I met J & lovely Lindy at La Cabana for a late dinner and a well-deserved margarita. I managed to eat 1 fish taco before I felt stuffed (a shrunken tum from not eating all day because of busy schedules will do that to a person) and unfortunately spent a majority of the dinner preparing documents for work. Even though I definitely don’t make a habit of doing that, J&L are good to me and didn’t hassle me or take offense for working at the dinner table. I know it’s rude, but in this instance, it had to be done.

After dinner they drove me back to my car and on the way there I seriously thought to myself, I bet when we get there, if I try it again, the car will start, and low and behold it did. BUT along with the miracle of a self-corrected battery… I also had another a parking ticket.

Let’s see: speeding ticket, dead battery, and now parking ticket. My luck with my car this week is seriously on the low side. Anyone with good car karma want to share the wealth? I could seriously use it.

So basically I had a very long day, still didn’t make my caloric goal (I was short about 100) and had about an hour of downtime with friends. Now it’s past 1AM and I should really stop writing this blog post, get off of iChat and go to sleep so I can wake up at 6AM and go to the gym. No, I’m not crazy. I’m just determined to do everything I want to do.

Can we add 6 more hours to everyday? Make it an even 30?

I’ll just pretend the universe said, “Yes.”

Making Music, Counting Calories & Lazy Teenage Superheroes

I lied, no 2nd post last night. Bad Ena!

BUT… I had good reason!

After picking someone up from the airport then rushing to the gym to get in my daily workout, I moseyed over to my rockin’ friend Johnny’s apartment to finally hang out and officially meet his lovely lady, Lindy. By the time I got to his place it was 11:40pm and I was wayyy late.

So much fun though. We basically kicked back, busted out the guitars and jammed to our heart’s content. I’m determined to make Johnny start a band with me AND teach me guitar because he’s just cool like that. He attempted to teach me and Lindy (on piano) one of his new songs but my lack of guitar skills stifled me. How hot would it be though with a lady on keys, a lady on guitar and awesome to the max J on lead? SUPER HOT. Like H-A-W-T, kind of hot. Like in your face, oh-so-sexy, scorching as the sun, hot. Yeah… REALLY HOT.

We eventually had to put down the instruments and head over to another friend’s sick loft in downtown LA. Every unit seriously looks like a private eye’s office. I kind of want to bust out my 1950s outfits, knock on his door at the midnight hour with claims of a missing husband/fiancé/boyfriend/whathaveyou. I would totally want to live there if the neighborhood weren’t so shady. When we arrived there were firemen busting into his building. Kind of a hilarious coincidence.

We stayed until around 4:30 when we realized it was way past our bedtimes and headed home. Since I didn’t get back to my place until 5am, I slept in this morning. It was something kind of wonderful to lounge in bed until 11.

My brother is in town visiting from Davis so we decided to head to Barnes & Noble to get some coffee and maybe a few new books. While there I stopped by the diet and exercise section where I decided to bite the bullet and listen to my friends who keep telling me I really need to start counting calories for my workouts to be effective.

I bought two books, The Pocket Calorie Counter and the Abs Diet for Women which breaks down the proper amount of protein/fiber/etc. I should really be eating every day. I know there are sites for this like the site I mentioned a few posts ago, but I stick to things so much better if I have it in hardcopy form right in front of me. It’s harder to ignore I guess. In any case, after reading the beginnings of The Pocket Calorie Counter, I realized I’m probably eating a LOT LESS calories than I need to be (which can partly be blamed on work) which is actually hindering my ability to lose weight since my body counters the lack of caloric energy by storing more fat.

After sitting and doing all the math in my new little food journal (I love moleskin and actually writing out math equations because I’m a nerd) I need to be eating 1771.32 calories per day to maintain my weight. To lose 1 lb. a week I need to cut out 500 calories per day or work off 500 or better yet a combination of the two which means I’ll be cutting my caloric intake to about 1250 calories a day (give or take depending on my workout). I’m also starting a food journal to make sure I eat enough a day. Just thinking about my intake on Friday and Saturday, I was under 1200 on both days which is just sad.

So calorie counting. Wish me luck and here I go!

But before I do, I leave you with the Lazy Teenage Superheroes: an extremely funny & well-executed short film made by Michael Ashton for only $300. There’s cussing, vulgarity, ninjas and herpes jokes. Yeah… thank me later.

Drunk People Should Not Play with Phones

I triple booked myself last night but only ended up attending one of the three birthday dealios I had planned on stopping by (sorry guys!). This was mainly because I was exhausted from a day that had started at 4:30am (thank you gym) and the long and busy day that followed which meant I also hadn’t had much time to eat. So by the time my work day finally finished at around 8:30pm, I had zero energy and all I wanted was to go home and curl into bed.

Instead, I went to greet my gorgeous friend Sarah for her birthday at The Draft in Studio City. I’m glad I ended up going since it was a fun place—even though the bar girls aren’t the brightest bulbs in the pack—but lack of food and energy meant the 2 whiskeys I had went straight to my head.

I know this is common knowledge but I really have to remind myself not to play with my phone when I’m tipsy. When I lived in NY my friends used to take my phone and bury it at the bottom of my very large purse so I wouldn’t be able to find it. Unfortunately, my friends in LA have not yet learned this trick so I ended up sending some nonsensical texts out to people. Blerg and whoops: sorry to anyone unfortunate enough to have gotten a message from me… OR my friend who had taken my phone and sent out more texts. Seriously, many apologies. Kind of funny now that I’m looking at them in the daylight, but I was kind of horrified with myself when I got home. Oh well… c’est la vie and lessoned learned. Hopefully.

Also mad at myself for not posting yesterday, so another post later tonight. With any luck, I won’t have anything embarrassing to write about.

But for now, lunch date. I clean up kinda nice, right?

Later gaters. ♥

Fixing the Blues

The boat sinkers:

  • Cold weather & short skirts.
  • Getting lost.
  • The 405.
  • Being ignored.
  • Takers.
  • Fakers.
  • Liars.
  • Rejections.
  • Awkward silences.

The bright sides:

  • Long drives.
  • Smiling faces.
  • Sister hugs.
  • Amazing friends.
  • Guitars.
  • Pianos.
  • Crisp sheet music.
  • Amazing parents.
  • Beds with pillows & comforters.
  • Saramago.
  • Gym highs.
  • Family Guy.
  • Good news from executive producers.
  • Unordered lists.
  • New projects.
  • Ambiguous and self-serving blog entries.

That’s 9 to 16. The bright side always wins.

Did I Stutter?

Date night with the wife. I haven’t gone to the cinema in a while so we went to see “The King’s Speech” and I’ve got to say the film was done superbly well. The acting, the sets, the costuming, the styling—everything was practically perfection. I’m far too tired to get into anything too detailed though I will say I highly recommend watching it.

I was supposed to go the gym after the movie but since Krys didn’t have her work out gear and I didn’t feel like saying goodnight just yet we decided to hit the bar next door to the theatre. I know I live in the valley, but I have to say, the guys that I meet whenever I hang out in my “hood” are kind of weird and more than just a bit douchey. I swear, the valley is like a larger Jersey shore. Tight shirts, beer guts and bad pick-up lines.

And now I’ve got to hit the hay. I skipped the gym for 2 days and I feel awful about it, though I guess it’s good to give myself a break every now and again. I’m going to 24-Hour at the butt-crack of dawn to make up for last night’s shenanigans (drinks with Johnny THEN drinks with the wife) and tonight’s round of Jamesons.

Night night blogging world. <3

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Right as Rain

I usually love rainy days—curled up in a blanket, a good book, raindrops on the windowsill—it can be heaven.

But when I have to be driving around the city all day with phone conferences all morning, a meeting in the afternoon then office work for the rest of the day, I’d much rather have a bright sunny day to greet me than the gloom & doom I woke up to. It also doesn’t help that I feel extraordinarily tired whenever it rains. I can always tell when the rain is coming because I’m unusually sleepy and lethargic and this morning was no exception.

I was, however, quite happy to find my favorite cereal in the pantry. I think it’s the first time in a long while that I had a real breakfast (I usually just eat a banana or a cereal bar as I’m running out of the door). Thankfully, my morning calls allowed me to actually be home in the AM. There really is always a silver lining, haha. Oh and if you’re curious, this is my favorite cereal (yes, I take pictures of everything):

Honey Graham Oh’s with soy milk is pretty much the best thing ever. If I’m ever a house guest and you have this in your kitchen, I’ll love you long, long time. Seriously. You’ll have a best friend FO LYFE. [It’s gotta be obvious by now that you can you buy my love with the right kind of food.]

And now to try to convince my boss-dog, crazy-critter-friend, Johnny to come have dinner and drinks with me. I don’t think it should be all that hard.

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Lovey Dovey Day

I’ve never understood people who hate on Valentine’s Day. Yes, it’s a Hallmark holiday built largely upon corporations making an extra buck off of your significant other’s dime. But at the heart of it, it reminds us to slow down for one day and appreciate the person (or people) who love us despite how fat we might get, or if we have a crazy mood swing or if we have a total air-head moment or a multitude of other crappy things about us that for some reason don’t bother our loved ones as much as they would a random stranger on the street.

Ideally we’d be able to show those we care about how much we love them on the daily, but life distracts or work gets in the way or we’re simply rushing from here to there to sometimes take a breath to make sure that whomever is accompanying us on our hectic paths knows that we love and appreciate that they’re there.

So whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, whether you’re single or taken or in a complicated sort of thing give someone you care about a hug today. Tell them you love them, like them, and/or you’re happy that they’re in your life. Because after all the chocolates and candied hearts and cards and maybe even diamonds… I think that’s all people really need.

Love you, lovelies. Thanks for putting up with me and my mad as a hatter ways.