If I was a flower, I’d be sad.

My doctor’s office called me today with the results of my yearly physical and apparently I have extremely low levels of Vitamin D. I can’t figure out the reason for it since I get plenty of sun especially because the weather has been so pretty and I’ve been hiking a lot. Super strange.

My body is a drooping daisy | Photo via flickr.com/carolyncochrane

Anyway, I’ve to apparently start taking Vitamin D pills. I know there’s nothing wrong with taking pills and a lot of people are constantly trying to get me to take extra vitamins but I’ve never really been into it. Just as I avoid the doctor like the plague until I’m literally so sick I might as well be on my death bed, I tend to avoid taking any kind of pill unless I’m coughing up a lung. But, oh well. Doctor’s orders will be followed—at least for a little while.

& now to bed. This girl has had another long day: work, doctor, work, gym then road trip to the sister’s.

Nighty-night kiddos.

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