Dating on the 405?

New tech concept: BUMP.

I know there’s that contact transfer app for your iPhone/Android using the same name, but this idea is different. It’s actually an online platform in its beta stage where you can register or ‘claim’ your license plate and connect it with some kind of contact [voicemail, email, etc.]. Once registered, people will be able to send you messages via the site based on your license plate number.

A little creepy, yes, but just think of the dating possibilities. Who needs the internet when you have the highway? UrbanDaddy says it best—

[What’s] a place that’s teeming with fresh-faced twentysomethings, gorgeous thirtysomethings and beautiful fortysomethings[?] It’s called the 405. Total hot spot. Always packed.

Now when you’re stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic thinking you’d rather be shot in the foot than sit in your car for a second longer, you can simply glance to your left or right and spend your time instead looking for that special someone… or a hookup… or a friend: whatever floats your boat. Best of all if you happen to spot your muse, or in my case a real life Jake Ryan [I can dream, can’t I?], but he’s 2-lanes over and about to exit on Sunset, it’s not a problem. Your soulmate is not driving away forever. Take a picture of his license plate or take note of it in your head and you’re all good. Let’s just hope he thinks you’re cute too.

UrbanDaddy also points out that “getting attractive drivers’ phone numbers isn’t the only use for Bump. If you happen to see a car that’s about to be towed, you can be a Good Samaritan and send them a quick message to let them know.”

But real talk?

It’s mainly for getting attractive drivers’ phone numbers.

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