San Diego Surprise

I drove to San Diego last night to surprise my friend Wilmar for his birthday. Wilmar is an old friend from university who I met during my dorky days as an a cappella singer for the Tritones. He was the director when I first joined and is one of my many talented musician friends. He’s also extremely awesome. Recently, he and two of my other friends, Justin & Mu, did a cover of Wendy’s “Chili Can Be Served with Cheese” song at my behest.

Another thing that makes him awesome-sauce is that his only request for his birthday was that everyone make him a birthday card using 1 sheet of paper and crayons (which he provided). I lahbbbs him.

We spent the night at their usual dive, JT’s for some karaoke, whiskey and pool. I’m always curious as to why I get extra points with guys just because I like to drink my whiskey straight. If you think it tastes good, why shouldn’t I? It’s not a complaint though since it usually works in my favor just as it did last night. The bartender was so impressed by my taste for the liquor that all my Jamesons were on the house (save for the first which was $5 …oh LA, I wish that you’d follow suit). After the pub we went to Roberto’s to satisfy my Mexican craving. Mmm… carne asada fries.

I felt pretty awful this morning about last night’s gluttony so I decided to hike at Torrey Pines. I’m so glad I went: it was GORGEOUS today.

I think I hiked almost 10 miles. I’ve always regretted the fact that I didn’t really take advantage of the time I lived in San Diego. If I wasn’t in class, I was studying, or at work, or my second job, or in rehearsal for the Tritones or whatever play I was in OR eating/sleeping so that I could have the energy to do everything I had to do. I never had the time to just appreciate how beautiful San Diego really is.

Best thing about the hike today: no weirdos. Just me, my music and the trails.

And now football Sunday with some of my faves. Congrats Packers. GO JETS!

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