Idyllic Isolation, Interrupted

Once again I woke up way early but this time it was 4am… so what to do. I had planned on going to the gym but then got caught up watching BSG [or Battlestar Gallactica for you non-sci-fi heads out there]. By the time my inner geek was thoroughly satiated, the sun was up and I decided it was too pretty to be in a stuffy gym so I checked out Runyon Canyon instead which I haven’t been to since I was about 16.

It was SO great running up that hill. I had also completely forgotten just how spectacular the view is—

Unfortunately, right after I took this picture my tranquil alone time was spoilt. As I’m standing there ear buds in, catching my breath and taking in this amazing view in an even more amazing city, I see out of the corner of my eye a guy inching his way closer and closer to me. I kept turning my body in the opposite direction in hopes that he’d take a hint but alas, he did not. He made it a point to tap me on the shoulder in order to say, “Beautiful, isn’t it?” WOOOOOW, you’re perceptive, Guy.

Don’t get me wrong—if you know me at all, you’re aware that I really do enjoy meeting random strangers in any given situation. But sometimes, as everyone does, I feel like having some alone time. I’ve always been someone who needs to get away, be by myself and just breathe, at least for an hour or so a day. I especially felt that this morning. Quiet house, beautiful day; all I wanted was to get outside, get lost in some music and do something active… ALONE.

The problem is I can be too nice, or at least that’s what I’m told. After the guy got my attention and jabbered on about how he was yet another wannabe actor in Hollywack, he asked if I’d want to go down the hill with him. What I thought in my head was a polite, “Sorry, but I’d rather be alone,” somehow translated to, “Yes, but first let’s sit and chat on this bench even though I just said that I brought a book to read while I’m up here.” To make matters worse, the guy was wearing the very distinct scent of my ex. Sensory overload: the gross kind.

After I finally told him, “Umm… maybe you should just go down the hill on your own because I’m going to be reading for a while,” he seemed offended saying, “I was just trying to keep you company,” but THEN asked if we could keep in contact after today. I never know how to say no in these situations without coming off as a jerk, so I replied instead with a very unenthusiastic, “Uhh.. sure, I guess.” Mind you I was also book-in-hand, facing forward with sunglasses on.

Maybe the guy was just THAT dense. Or maybe I need to work on my cold shoulder a little more [ha, even the thought of that makes me feel bad]. In any case, I guess if I go to Runyon by myself I should maybe expect it. Seeing as two other guys tried to pick me up after dense guy left, the place is teeming with singles. Orrr, maybe I should just stick with Wildwood.

Since the guy had completely ruined my endorphin high from the run uphill… I decided to go to the gym and get those chemicals reignited. I’m happy to report, it worked.

Get ‘er dun, people. GET ‘ER DUN.

3 thoughts on “Idyllic Isolation, Interrupted

  1. haha this was too funny… just tell them your boyfriend/husband/ninja assassin instructor is set to meet you in five minutes… that’ll get them high tailing it outta there ;)

  2. If you want to be left alone, either just say an emphatic “bye,” or (politely) something along the lines of: “I’m sorry, but I really wanted to jog through this part alone, its something I rarely get to do”. If he really can’t take the hint… I don’t know.

    P.S. Fantastic scene up there.

  3. @lorie I seriously wish you could have been a fly on the wall for that entire encounter. It lasted SO long and was so awkward, I couldn’t even begin to list how many weird things he said and how many times I tried to politely say ‘bye’ but his adamant refusal to take a hint.

    @teknophilia Thanks for the advice :) . I actually did try to say multiple times, that I wanted to be alone… I mean, I even told him that I came by myself to read for a bit before my trip to San Diego. Looking back on it… the guy really WAS that dense. And yes, it’s so pretty and the hike is great. I’m definitely going to try adding it to my weekly routine.

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