Madness & Man-Thongs

If you’re my facebook friend, you probably know that I woke up at an ungodly hour and ended up going to the gym around 5:30am. I absolutely didn’t intend on waking that early but anxiousness about the sudden interview I had scheduled today had my brain working on overdrive. ANNND since I already have a hard time getting my mind to shut the heck up the majority of the time, I simply couldn’t sleep more than 3 hours. Oh yeah, did I mention I went to bed at 2? Sucks.

Still, it was absolute bliss to be at the gym without having to wait for the treadmill or any of the machines or weights or what have you. Oh and NO MAN THONG.

Explanation: There’s a member there who must have a higher self-esteem than I can even imagine. Everyone at the gym knows who you’re talking about if you say man thong and that’s because he comes into the sauna wearing a towel, only to take off said towel to reveal—you guessed it—his man thong. He usually arrives in white velour pants and has also on occasion gone into the spa wearing white shorts: I’ve definitely seen his junk more then once & honestly the first time was already one too many times. Yesterday he stood right in front of me in with his bare-ass facing me while he bent and stretched and even picked at his booty-tah. *shudder*

There are a few other guys at the gym I try to avoid as well like DC, Roids & possibly Ginger [he might end up being cool]. To put it simply, while it’s always nice to make a new friend especially if I find a work-out buddy who’s willing to do outdoorsy things with me, I don’t go there to get hit on, or eye-f***ed, or anything of the sort. I’m usually huffing & puffing & sweaty! How is that hot?

ANYway, so I had an interview out of the blue. I applied for a position on Thursday that I didn’t think this company would even consider me for because I’m young and kind of inexperienced but I figured why not at least try. The pay is good, I’d get to travel A LOT, meet new people on the daily, deal with constantly changing environments. It’s pretty much the ideal situation I’d want to be in. They called me a few hours after I sent in my résumé and scheduled the meeting for today. Crrrazycakes. I have no idea how I did, which is usually a good sign. Truth be told [& this might just jinx me, but I hope it doesn’t because I REALLLY want this job]: I’ve NEVER not gotten a job I’ve interviewed for. So if I don’t get it, be ready for an epic-emotastic-the-world-hates-me kind of entry. Rest at ease for now: I don’t find out for a few weeks.

In the mean time, since my brain’s all-a-jumble with thoughts… a check-in on the resolutions. They say that it takes 21 days to kick a habit and I think I’m definitely getting there. No cigarettos for 21 days. It’s going so well that the smell now makes me sick to my stomach… unless I’m drinking. I still crave the cancer sticks when I’m a little tipsy which is why I’ve also cut down on drinking. I’m just a bundle of health, aren’t I? Lol…

And I’ve definitely been picking up Toni everyday (that’s my guitar) though I’ve also been getting back into the piano. I learned two easy songs the other day and MAYYYBE I’ll post videos of them. Maybe. If you’re curious, the songs are Mad World and First Love.

And now my stomach is grumbling to get fed. Tah, kids.

2 thoughts on “Madness & Man-Thongs

  1. we need to go back to that whiskey bar. i keep forgetting what it’s called. but if i even try asking for a cigarette you have permission to slap me around a bit (but that doesn’t mean i won’t slap you back).

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