Talking Whys [Part One]

Today’s Daily Post suggested topic was to write about why we had started a blog. Now, I’d be happy to tell you lovely readers but I recently wrote on the very same question when I did my site revamp a few days ago and I feel like it would kind of be cheating on the whole post a day challenge if I just copy and pasted something I’ve already written. If you’d like to know why I started this blog and blog writing in general, you can find the page here.

I figured that I could at least keep the first word of the topic so how about a question I’ve heard about a thousand times since November: Why did you move back to LA?

To answer that I have to go back to September when I experienced an occurence I didn’t think would EVER happen to me: I was layed off.

*shudder* *blech* *barf*

The reasons behind that I can’t fully go into because of legal matters but I can say I felt extremely betrayed, stabbed in the back and that I had failed (I didn’t). Truth be told, I’ve never failed at anything so the news of being layed off (5 days before my birthday) was one of the biggest blows in my life. Things had always come easy to me and I’ve always excelled in every position I have taken on. A true jack of all trades and a workaholic to boot, work was something I thought as FUN because it was usually challenging and interesting.

I was devastated.

Thankfully on the day I was sacked, my little cousin Abby was in NY visiting and 2 days later my older sister, Lorelei, arrived to celebrate my birthday with me. The day she landed we all sat and talked about my options and through their suggestion, I decided to book a one-way ticket to LA in order to take an extended vacation and some much needed rest at my parents’ home.

And now I’m out in Hollywack so to take a suggestion from a writer friend which is to stop in the middle when I’m full of a story… part two tomorrow.

Side Note: Typing on the phone again so sorry for mistakes. I’ll correct them later.

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