An Hour of Sexy Time

I’d like to pretend that if I knew I had only one hour left on this earth, I would want to spend it with all my friends and family but that’s just not the case. Truth be told, I would want to spend it doing something that would be fun, exciting but most of all feel damn right good. What else is there then besides sex?

I mean sure, I could glutton it up and eat all my favorite foods but that would just end in a painful stomach ache or a food coma and who wants their end to be that? I certainly don’t. If I hung with my friends and family I’d probably spend the majority of the time crying and reassuring everyone that it would all be ok.

But sex—unless it’s with someone who’s just terrible—would be great from start to finish. I would die happy. Think about all the endorphins I get from working out; they make me feel GREAT after, AMAZING even. Despite that, I still sometimes find myself dragging my feet to the gym or saying to myself in the middle of a run, “Come on, Nic! Just a little bit more & you’re done (yes, sometimes I talk to myself)!” Well, I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had to do either with sex (if you have… Pobrecito, I feel kinda bad for you).

So there you have it. If I had a choice, I would spend my last hour alive doing exactly what brought me into the world in the first place.

Realistically, I’d probably hang with the family and friends [damn you, Catholic guilt!] but a girl can dream.

Side note: I’m typing this on my phone so please excuse any grammatical/spelling errors. I’ll edit them out later.

One thought on “An Hour of Sexy Time

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