Hotel Café

Hung out with some lovely new friends yesterday at the Hotel Café. I was happily surprised at how great the music was last night. Considering the bigger named people who showed up, it was a really small and intimate setting and completely reminded me of my more favorite music scenes back in NY.

I had actually roped my friends into coming in order to see “the” [I was told not to leave that word out] Brendan Hines & Co. who I had accidentally found a while back during one of my sleepless nights in Los Angeles. Before he played we heard the musical stylings of Jen Hirsch, Tyler Hilton with a guest performance by Michelle Branch (who Alex and I kept mistaking for Vanessa Carlton) and after him another band whose name I now forget Keaton Simons [without your skin I’m naked… such sexy lyrics]. Of course after Hines & Co. had performed—*ahem* THE Hines, lol—I was dragged up to the stage to be introduced to the man I had jokingly referred to as my future husband, only to have a “foot in mouth” moment.

Some time during his set, my friends had decided to have a cigarette break—*cough cough*—and so I went out with them. Of course during this time, I had missed some of his songs, which I failed to take in to consideration as I shook his hand and said with an innocent smile on my face that at his next show he should perform “I Miss New York”… which of course he had. Whoops.

After his performance, the crowd was surprised with an appearance by the talented Mr. Mayer. I think he’s a great musician, but the attention the crowd was giving the man was a bit vomit inducing for me. I was told to “hush” at a bar for goodness sakes! I mean… yes, he’s a great guitar player but he’s not the messiah.

In any case, a charming night in Los Angeles. This city is shaping up to be something kind of wonderful.

[& yes, I’m already up at 6am… but what’s new world?]

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