[intermission close]

Hello loves—it’s been a while.

I’ve had a rather eventful August filled with late nights, rampages through the streets of Crooklyn & the city, trips on stairs [literally], mornings on air mattresses & couches, old friends, new friends, birthdays, broken hearts [not mine], happy hours, fashion openings, tearing up dance floors and lots of roof top mischief. Even with everything that’s already going on, I’ve a feeling the craziness is going to multiply once my little sister arrives in just 2 short days. The last time we were together, we got into a very large bottle of jager, and proceeded to laugh and make fun of any guy who had the unfortunate experience of flashing us on chatroulette.com. If this picture is any indication of what we get into on an average evening, we’re bound to stir up some trouble—

Wish she could have been here for this past weekend of mischief.

It started with a night in the Burg with my sky-diving partner in crime. We spent most of the evening at the Charleston sitting in a booth where boys would just sit down completely uninvited & interrupt our conversations. Being the polite girls that we are, we’d engage in a few minutes of conversation before asking them to leave… and then another set of boys would plop down. I swear, it was as if there was a sign on our booth that read “Speed Dating Here”. Still… it was a fun filled night of fedoras and socializing.

The next day, my friends and I participated in Improv Everywhere‘s latest scheme: Black Tie Beach. It was ridiculous amounts of fun in the sun frolicking through the sand & waves in our formal wear. The 400+ group of people dressed to the nines for a day at the beach drew lots of attention from laughter, to questions and exasperated sighs of frustration with our less than reasonable explanations as to why we were dressed the way we were. The best exchange I’ve read so far was this:

Random Stranger: Why are you taking off your shoes while swimming in the ocean with a suit?

Man in Suit: “Swimming with my shoes on? Now that’s just silly. Who does that?”

My friends and I just told people that it was a beautiful day so we wanted to look pretty. I mean… who doesn’t, right?

I finished off the day with a burrito and bike ride to Prospect Park then Brooklyn Bridge. During the ride, my friend and I came across this—

& ended with this—

All in all a fantastic weekend to bring me closer to seeing one of my most favorite people in all the world. ♥

2 thoughts on “[intermission close]

  1. yay for a fabulous weekend for a fabulous girl! Glad I could be apart of it :) Can’t wait to meet your sis!

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