No.thing of Inter.est

Is it really possible that there are only 6.5 days left in June? I feel like 2010 just started yesterday. How did half a year pass by so quickly? This month in and of itself involved so much : moving to Brooklyn, a new job, award shows, moonlighting as a hair model, a trip to LA, skydiving, too many barbecues to count, drinking, dating and everything in between.

Despite the craziness of my schedule and the endless cycle of ups and downs in both my personal and professional life, I feel like I’m always waiting for the next step, the next big plan, the next change… the next anything. I’ve never been too good at reading myself and now I can’t help but wonder : what in the world am I waiting for? I recently finished a great book by Lev Grossman entitled The Magicians in which the title character continuously struggles to find satisfaction and fulfillment even when the happenings of his life unfold exactly as he had yearned for, albeit his ability to actually enjoy it.

I found it so frustrating that this character could have everything in the world he wanted, yet still failed in feeling gratified. As for myself, it’s not that I’m unhappy or dissatisfied—it’s the exact opposite actually—but there’s always this incommunicable desire for something more. Maybe that’s a good thing.

At least it keeps me moving, no?

Unrelated, but I feel like sharing, I did another video. When I was home last weekend I remembered this wonderfully morose song about almost loves that my friend and I did back in university. There was always something so lovely in the melancholy yet simple melody.

On that note… I miss my piano. I think I’ll go play in the park. <3 | 21 june to 5 july

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