super bad vampire eyes

At the parents for the week and it’s already my last day.

As usual, I’m feeling homesick before I even leave and wishing I had some kind of machine to slow down time, rewind time, stop time… anything to make my visit with my family a little bit longer. It’s been fun (as always) but last night Ab’s and I took it to a whole new level of crazy.

After we got home from my bonta’s wedding (bonta is a term-of-endearment between my best friend and I that emerged from my inability to understand her calling me stupid in Spanish), we decided to drink a massive bottle of jager that I had bought her on Friday. We played a game called take-a-shot-for-every-guy-we-see-jacking-off-on-chat-roulette and suffice it to say that upon looking at the bottle this morning, I’m a bit disgusted with the amount we drank between the two of us especially considering the fact that we’re not exactly beefy girls.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that (I’ve only previously heard of it, last night was the first time I actually decided to play) houses three types of people—perverts (usually of the male species), lesbians and girls drinking and having fun. Abs and I were obviously the first category.

Okidoke… time to make breakfast. Seriously, can someone please invent a time machine? Oooh or a teleporter, because then I wouldn’t need to slow down time, I could pop in any time I wanted.

I’ll leave you with this—Abs and I are a bit obsessed with this song my friend wrote back in university. I can’t wait for August when she visits in New York. Without giving too much a way, we have every intention of creeping out guys with the line super bad vampire eyes. It’s going to be amazing.

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