yeah, ok.

Umm… I hate boys. Ok, truth. At the moment I hate one boy. Wait, wait…

I’m disappointed by a boy. Yeah, that’s the most accurate statement.

I don’t understand why any guy would feign interest just because we shared a few moments of intimacy. It’s really quite unnecessary. I’m perfectly happy saying goodnight, see you later (or not), thanks for the great time, etc., etc. … the list can really go on and on.

BUT if you decide to create a movie-worthy moment, grab my wrist as I walk away JUST to pull me back to you and say, “Call me… ok?” you should actually want me to call you. And if I call you, you should pick up because—not to be cocky—but it’s rare that I take the time to call someone. Especially when that someone is of the opposite sex and more than just platonic.

OR if you’ve changed your mind, at least have the balls to say so. I promise I’m a big girl and won’t cry over it. I just appreciate honesty. You really could say anything even if it’s as cliché as it’s not you, it’s me. At least it’s something and not a passive-aggressive slap in the face.

How did my rant turn into a letter to every guy who’s ever been a disappointment?

Yeah, ok… now to go hang out with someone else that is obviously less of a douchebag than you.

xoxo (that’s short for f*** you).

** EDIT **
Surprise, surprise… I ran into him last night. Like I didn’t see this coming—we live around the same neighborhood and frequent the same places. I mean I met him at my favorite bar, why not see him a little over a week later at my other regular dive holding the hand of another girl and looking as though he wanted to run for dear life when he realized he was caught.

This is exactly what I’m talking about.

I KNEW we would eventually run into each other and if he had been smart he would have assumed the same thing. WHY put yourself and another person in an awkward position. Hopefully you weren’t a complete douche and cheated on your girlfriend with me (because that would make you lower than pond scum). I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and tell myself that after meeting me you decided she was the better choice in terms of what you needed, wanted, etc. So if that’s the case TELL ME SO. Grow some balls, and say, “I had fun but I think we should leave it at that.”

Great & perfect. I maybe would have been slightly disappointed but wouldn’t have felt like an idiot or that you were a complete jacka**.

$%&! … ok I promise I’ll talk about something positive in my next post but right now I’m so absolutely sick of self-involved and unthinking people.

Thank gulay I’m going home this week. I promise I’ll be back to normal the week next.

5 thoughts on “yeah, ok.

  1. i’m sorry, ate :( :( that’s so douchey :( not all guys are like that though, and unfortunately, you’ve had to deal with some bad ones. i know you’ll eventually find someone that is worthy of your time because you are THAT special. let me know if you want to talk. mahal na mahal kita, ate!

  2. @ading i know! i refuse to become jaded. i’ve just had bad luck the last few times. mahal din kita!

    @gene you’re way too awesome for words. gracias for the ego boost—it was getting pretty low there.

  3. Geeeeez Ena, what a complete idiot that guy!!!! Sadly enough I have some very VERY similar stories to tell, so the only solution I have is to dress up together and to rock every single douchbag in NY this summer, Shawties for life ;-) Can’t wait!! xxxx

  4. @marieke yeah… ugh, I’m over it. he’s an idiot and it’s a complete waste of my time to think about him when he’s so obviously immature and self-serving. can’t wait to see you this summer!!!!! shawties, what?!


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