Apparently, I’m offensive.

On Monday afternoon, I ran outside of my office building to an awning in order to avoid the rain. I took out my pack of girlish Capris & had my first break of the day. Whilst trying to enjoy the five minutes I had outside, a man appeared before me and yelled this at my face:

I should call the f*ckin’ INS. F*ckin’ Beijing motherf*cker.

…then stormed off as angry as he had walked up but without yelling or cursing at anyone else on the street.

Mind you, I realize that New York can be full of crazies but this man seemed like a totally normal, albeit rather antagonized, human being. I also haven’t had anyone say something like that to me in such a direct and offensive manner in almost ten years. And no, I did not retaliate with vulgar words of my own. I could only stand in shock that my presence on a street, just trying to stay dry & enjoy a rather sullen day, would offend someone so much that they would react in that manner.

I also thought I had let it go & that it hadn’t bothered me all that much, but I’ve felt so incredibly tired today & the memory of it nags in my head.

Maybe it’s also the fact that I work at an international school & come across different ethnicities, cultures & religions on a daily basis. It shocks me that this kind of thinking still exists.

To clarify, angry stranger : I’m Filipino, not from Beijing and it’s called the ICE now. If you’re going to try and deport a US Citizen by calling immigration, you should probably get the name right [it stands for US Immigration and Customs Enforcement if you were curious].

7 thoughts on “Apparently, I’m offensive.

  1. That he used the wrong acronym was the first thing I noticed, too!

    But maybe he was thinking of INS’s other successor organization, the CIS (Citizenship and Immigration Services)? Maybe he’s a pro-immigration racist, and just wanted to help you — a Chinese national, apparently — get citizenship.

  2. @paul you’re an idiot but i still heart you.

    @dw always a possibility in this crazy city i inhabit. oh what a world we’d live in. pro-immigration racists! pish tosh!

    @david yup. thought so too.

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