I have never been adept at staying still for long periods of time so after 3-full nights & nearly 1.5 days in bed going in and out of sleep, I’ve just about gone mad.

As such, I decided to remove myself from the confines of my room & took a nice, breezy walk over to SoHo to work on my friend’s website. [Side note : Check out his art at marcobrambilla.com. He’s absolutely amazing.]

Marco Brambilla | Flashback (Stereo), 2010

After a few hours of work, my head started to swim & I thought it best to go home & get some more shut-eye so I picked up my sickly-self & skedaddled back to my nice & comfortable apartment. Upon arriving & laying back in my bed, however, I realized that my brain would not have it.

I tossed & turned, made some tea, read a book, listened to my record player, stitched up a hole in my favorite bag, reorganized my closet, wasted time on facebook, caught up on my gReader… & nothing. I was still bored.

This is the result of that boredom.


You don’t record a cappella renditions of gospel music on your netbook’s low-res camera when running a high fever, coughing up a lung & bored to tears?

How strange.

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