the nation of hiber.

I’ve decided to be a good girl for the weekend. My life as of late has taken a dive into new depths of crazy : strangers, dark corners, secret-rendezvous, & watching the sun come up as I’m going to bed. All of the aforementioned are acceptable on an “unusual” basis, but not when they become the norm, which sadly they have.

As such, I’ve decided that this weekend is all about hibernating, learning to say no when my mobile rings, & taking care of my poor, bruised, battered & feverish body.

Goodnight kids. I’ll see you when the sun comes up.

2 thoughts on “the nation of hiber.

  1. Omg Ena, I love that song! And it’s a SD song with great memories, so thanks for reminding me..! I miss you loads, and wish we could hang together this weekend! And Paris is almost a year ago, so in definate need of a new reunion!! Talk to you soon babe! love!

  2. I love that song too. Glad it brought it great memories for you. <3 Miss you muchos, muchos & you're right! I can't believe it's been nearly a year since Paris. We need to get an Asante Shawty reunion in the works, STAT! Loves! xx

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