40 Days of Filipino.

Today marks the 1st day of Lent.

As per the norm, I’m giving up my one-true-love : the sumptuous, delicate & delicious morsels of food known as cheese.This year, however, I’m giving up dairy altogether which isn’t really all that hard considering I don’t eat milk chocolate, rarely have ice cream, & always drink soy milk. I’m sure there are many other food products out there with dairy though I usually choose not to partake for fear of upsetting my very real lactose-intolerance which has grown progressively worse as I’ve aged. So no more grilled cheeses, cheeseburgers, sandwiches, most pastas, most salads, omelettes…

I know that must sound weird, but I’m very particular with what I eat. I usually only eat things exactly the way I like it and all the aforementioned treats need to have some kind of cheese on it otherwise I’m usually not a fan. It’s kind of pathetic really. & because I’m masochistic, I of course googled images of all my favorite cheesy foods :

As you might have guessed, it’s a bit of an obsession. Ridic.

Giving up cheese does have it’s positive points (the only real negative point being that I constantly crave it & all the foods I associate with it). Since there are very few foods outside of Filipino cuisine that I like without some kind of cheese sauce, dressing or garnish—i.e. fish—I end up cooking A LOT and eating out far less. I usually end up donating the money I save from not eating out to a good foundation, school or charity.

So take note friends : if you decide to eat out with me or I invite you over for din, be prepared to spend your time eating a lot of Asian food, particularly of the Filipino sort.

I think chicken adobo might be in order for this evening. Sarah‘s picture of it on facebook.com gave me a serious craving for some home-cooked, comfort food. Doesn’t it look delicious???

Mmm… now what’s for lunch?

** Edit ** Just kidding. No meat today. Fish it is…

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