I’m a Virgo & have always felt the need to control & compartmentalize all the parts of my life. Just as every object in my room, closet, cabinets and shelves have their specific places to fill, I’ve done the same for the people who frequent the goings on of my weekly routines. The latter action I never consciously did to control any person [as I am a firm believer in Glasser’s choice theory], however I always did so to protect one of the few things that I hold extremely precious—my privacy.

Don’t get me wrong… I have no skeletons in my closet, no outlandish secret identity. I rarely even lie apart from the occasional inventive narrative and only because I find it entirely enjoyable when I convince another that my fabrication is reality—& even then, I eventually come out with the truth.

I value my privacy because of a simple reason. If someone wants to know something, he/she/they should just ask me [or better yet, read my blog]. I hate when people talk about me, whether it’s positive or negative or neutral it’s still not said to me & I much prefer direct speech over a he-said-she-said-they-said debacle which these situations always end up leading to, no? The point being… I’m not insanely secretive. Ask me a question that most people would find too personal like… what age were you when you lost your virginity and I’ll tell you.

But as I said… I hate when I feel like people are talking about me. And because of one ill-advised decision to mix a few of my finely drawn compartments, I find myself the subject of conversational banter of which I have no desire to be apart of.

So back to your corner’s people. There shall no longer be hobnobbing with me until you’ve proven yourself completely trustworthy.

Until then… paalam.

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