Well look at that… it’s another new year and I still can’t process the fact that I’m almost half way to fifty. Looking back on my mindset when I was 10-years-old, I had imagined by now that there would be flying cars and robots catering to my every need. Thinking about it, nothing that drastic has changed. I’m still treated as the baby of the family (a title I don’t think will ever go away, nor would I want it to), my lucky b is still there though possibly a bit bigger, I still listen to my ninedeez slow jams, and I’m still a total geek. I mean, sure I graduated from college, moved to New York, am now an aunt to two adorable & intelligent boys… but at the core of me I’m still the same shy, awkward and curious girl I was back then.

The only major difference is that in the time from ten to twenty (plus four), I’ve learned a few bad habits and admittedly spend way too much of my limited time on this earth focusing on insipid endeavors. So here’s to the new year (despite my belated greetings). I want this start of a new decade to be imaginative, adventurous and inspiring and I’m determined not to be let down.

First things first… though I love this song, I think it’s time to let go of the sad & pitying tunes. Still, it hit the spot at a time I needed it most.

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