My Curséd Body.

Happy Christmas Eve (on my side of the world, anyway). Though I’m very much looking forward to this evening’s festivities, I will most likely have to abstain from anything which involves injesting, whether solid or not.

I spent a majority of last night crawled up into a ball on my bed trying to breath through the pain of each spasm in my upper abdomen as it felt like a red hot poker was repeatedly being plunged in my stomach then slowly pulled out, the repetition occuring every 5 minutes or so. I woke up this morning feeling rather well considering, though there is still a dull pain in my upper abs.

Here’s what people have speculated so far:

  1. My liver. The belief that I’ve been drinking too much and it’s catching up to me. I really don’t think this is the case as I’ve spent 2 nights drinking in the Philippines when you can usually find me drinking several nights a week in New York…
  2. Virus. Some kind of weird 24-hour flu virus. I’ve had a flu before and it was nothing like this.
  3. Acids in my stomach from previous food eaten. Could be, though honestly the pain was so bad that I felt nauseous from it.
  4. An actual curse. Though not purposeful there’s a superstition here which believes that some people carry such curses within them and when they feel a negative emotion towards another, the curse is placed on that person, regardless if it was meant to be placed. [Not gonna lie, after an hour of these awful, awful spasms… I started thinking, did someone curse me or something?!? Lol…]

Since I refuse to go to a doctor, I’ll probably never know what it was unless it happens again at which time I’ll probably be dragged [kicking & screaming] to the hospital. My guess though?

I probably drank the water.

3 thoughts on “My Curséd Body.

  1. Could be food poisoning. Did you eat anything seriously fermented? Maybe give a click on over to webmd. Not a doc, but I’ll tell you that you don’t have a curse.

  2. sean – food poisoning i’ve had before and in varying degrees so i know what it feels like and it’s definitely not that. i eat a lot of fermented foods and everything i’ve been eating is no different from what i eat in the us (i am filipino after all). as for a curse, if you’re speaking in reference to the title of my post, i really meant it in the poetic sense (though in all honesty, i have been known to give superstition more credibility than i should).

    paul – thanks buddy!

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