Unfamiliar Homes & Familiar Histories.

I’m currently in Ligaspi, Philippines visiting my grandmother’s ancestral home for the first time in my life and it’s a strange yet warming feeling to be here. I spent my first evening poring over old photographs of my grandmother, her siblings, her wedding to my beloved grandfather as well as images of my mother as a young child playing in the gardens of this old house. Looking at all of those photos makes me really want to go through all my archives of photographs both physical and digital and start placing them into books. After all, an image on the screen is nothing but 0s and 1s, and like my ancestors before me I hope to share my history in visual form with the generations that follow mine.

My second day was spent visiting historical churches and sites, one of which was Cagsawa, an entire town that was buried by the eruption of Mount Mayon on February 1, 1841. The only part of the town that can still be seen is the bell tower and some windows of the town’s church. It was incredible to stand there and touch the stones of the tower, knowing that I was touching history (as cliché as it may sound).

Present day Cagsawa & Mount Mayon, one of the world’s few perfectly cone-shaped volcanoes.

I can’t believe it’s only my second full day in the Philippines. Three more weeks to go!

It feels so good to be home. <3

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